I don't do logos but is this any better?

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  1. Why do I love this?? I've had my eye out for a large carry-all and have been this close to getting the Muse but I just saw this. Are those "charms" blingy and awful? Help! Sometimes I just lose all judgement.

  2. I like it, but I'm not feeling that color. The color makes it look oldladyish...like something the Queen of England would carry.LOL
  3. Interesting! lol

    I'm definitely looking for black though and I'm not even sure if this comes in any other colors. Still, I can do better, eh?
  4. Here she is with that purse...LOL

  5. :P:lol::P:lol: ROFL!!! I agree with Greenie- you can do better.
  6. I agree with Greenie too. That bag is old ladyish.
    I love your avatar Greenie. It makes me crack up everytime I see it!
  7. I have the smaller version of this "charm" bag and I love it. It's durable for everyday use and you can fit almost everything you need in there. It does some in other colors. I like the black one b/c it doesn't get dirtly like the light color ones. The charms don't bother me.

    Here is a different one, Cannage tote. I have this one and I just love it. The only draw back is it gets heavy when you load it up.:nuts: It does come in various colors too.

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  8. I love that charm bag...and I deffy don't think that it is old ladyish..i think it's a classic ( and i'm 21)
  9. I saw that bag IRL at Dior in Vegas. It was navy though. I really liked it as a simple everyday bag for work. I actually might get it because I think I would use this a lot. Didn't look old lady to me at all...
  10. Greenie, LMAO!!! I need to add her as my avator. :lol:

    Thanks all for your comments (glad some of you like it). I'm going to check it out in person at Saks this week. I've always had a *thing* for the Dior dangly letter charms but have resisted them.
  11. I like the charms in the white better :biggrin:
  12. Same here..LOL. Greenie you are too funny!!!

    Hi Daisy!! aha someone is looking for another bag?? I saw that patent SF at Saks and tried on the black. Ohhh I like it but NO MORE bags for me! The blue patent wasn't not there I guess someone had snag it!
  13. Sweetea: OH NO! I've been planning to look at that bag this week too! I told you, that blue patent was so fabulous. I am not surprised that someone snapped it up but oh man! Did you see the large white patent Ferragamo? It just occurred to me... if I could find the large in black patent, that could be my bag!

    Noriko: You mean the silver charms against a white bag? That would be :love:.

    Foxy: That one is cute too!! Does it have "C"s on the other side?
  14. i agree!
  15. I think the bag is lovely & I like the charms. It is sophisticated but not old I don't think. Plus the charms add a little something so that it doesn't just look like every other black bag.