I don't do logos but is this any better?


Oct 18, 2005
Why do I love this?? I've had my eye out for a large carry-all and have been this close to getting the Muse but I just saw this. Are those "charms" blingy and awful? Help! Sometimes I just lose all judgement.

I have the smaller version of this "charm" bag and I love it. It's durable for everyday use and you can fit almost everything you need in there. It does some in other colors. I like the black one b/c it doesn't get dirtly like the light color ones. The charms don't bother me.

Here is a different one, Cannage tote. I have this one and I just love it. The only draw back is it gets heavy when you load it up.:nuts: It does come in various colors too.


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I saw that bag IRL at Dior in Vegas. It was navy though. I really liked it as a simple everyday bag for work. I actually might get it because I think I would use this a lot. Didn't look old lady to me at all...
Greenie, LMAO!!! I need to add her as my avator. :lol:

Thanks all for your comments (glad some of you like it). I'm going to check it out in person at Saks this week. I've always had a *thing* for the Dior dangly letter charms but have resisted them.
scarlett_2005 said:
I agree with Greenie too. That bag is old ladyish.
I love your avatar Greenie. It makes me crack up everytime I see it!

Same here..LOL. Greenie you are too funny!!!

Hi Daisy!! aha someone is looking for another bag?? I saw that patent SF at Saks and tried on the black. Ohhh I like it but NO MORE bags for me! The blue patent wasn't not there I guess someone had snag it!
Sweetea: OH NO! I've been planning to look at that bag this week too! I told you, that blue patent was so fabulous. I am not surprised that someone snapped it up but oh man! Did you see the large white patent Ferragamo? It just occurred to me... if I could find the large in black patent, that could be my bag!

Noriko: You mean the silver charms against a white bag? That would be :love:.

Foxy: That one is cute too!! Does it have "C"s on the other side?
I think the bag is lovely & I like the charms. It is sophisticated but not old I don't think. Plus the charms add a little something so that it doesn't just look like every other black bag.