I challenge you...have fun with your Coach!! **See my pics!!**

  1. So this was fun! Check out my pics! (Click to enlarge!)
    001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg charms much.jpg
  2. ^^^Cool!
  3. whoa, were you bored or what? : P cute though..artsy
  4. Thanks for sharing!
  5. THAT is one decked out mini skinny! haha Love it!
  6. lol I don't get it.. Have fun with what?
  7. ditto, i don't get it either. what are we doing?
  8. From what I see in her photos, I think she means have fun with HOW you take photos of your Coach. Use different angles, different color combinations, prop them in different ways, close-ups, etc.
  9. LOVE the Tiffany's lock on the skinny...too cute!!
  10. So you've all seen the Coach mag's...they don't just lay 'em all out and say "Let's take the pic!" They arrane the bags and accessories in different places, lean them in different directions, etc...

    I am obviously not a plain-jane kinda girl...I like to take a normal "skinny-mini" and have a little fun! Sorry if I didn't make that clear before...
  11. And the last pic...all that stuff isn't on the black skinny-mini, but up against the black it brings the colors out more. Or so I thought... :rolleyes:
  12. Cute photos, thanks for sharing!
  13. Lol so cool.
  14. i understood. lol. cute.
  15. Nice...very creative!!!