I can't believe it!!

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  1. Before Christmas I had a very bad experience at my local Coach boutique. So, I emailed corporate about it. I received an immediate response and they wanted serious details. Names, date, time of transaction, SA's name and Manager's name etc. I sent all the info. And didn't really think of it again. Today I got a legal sized envelope from Coach. I was really worried that it was going to be a ban letter or something. To my surprise it was an apology letter from the SR Director of Coach Service and a 25.00 gift card!!! :yahoo:I LOVE COACH (just not the manager at my local boutique)!!!! It doesn't take much to make my day!!!!!
  2. How nice! It might be time for a new mini or wristlet... :P

    If Coach looks into the issue, your details would be anonymous I hope.
  3. That is AWESOME! :woohoo: You deserve it, and shame on that manager!
  4. That's awesome, congrats!
  5. Thats awesome! The SA's are getting so bad lately at all stores that they need to be "knocked down" a little bit and realize they need to treat the customer with some respect! Congrats!!!
  6. Good for you!!!

    I had a bad experience @ the outlets recently and emailed Coach Corporate only to get the robot response back "we will deal with that individual" :tdown:
  7. I really did not expect to gain anything from reporting my incident. So, it really was a nice surprise. In my email I also gave praise to the SA because she was great. It was the manager that treated me like scum. I was so happy that I actually had names so I could "tattle" on the right person.:blah:
  8. I also got that response the day I sent my complaint in. It has been almost a month and the Gift card came today.
  9. Good for you! That's awesome!
  10. Congrats! Enjoy your gc.

    Was curious though, where on the site do you send in complaints? I never knew which was the "correct" section to send it to.
  11. I'm so happy for you. It is so nice when we are made to feel valued.
  12. How nice! I'm glad they acted on it!! Congrats!
  13. Wow! Good to hear!
  14. Wow, looks like their customer service wins some brownie points back! Let us know what you decide to use it on! :P
  15. Congratulations. I hope things improve at the boutique soon.