I can't believe it, I am boxed out!

  1. Well, when I picked up my hampstead today, SA asked if I wanted it boxed, I surprised myself when I said, "no, that's ok"....I always loved the boxes, but I realized I just have too many and the are cluttering up my spare room and gift closet....so I am on a box ban, lol.
  2. whoa. calm down woman!

    i had to almost BEG for a box for the black epi speedy 25 i bought yesterday to put your keychain on!

    they gave me one, but its a big weird flap top box, not the usual hard size box that i wanted. i store all the boxes neatly together. i like the boxes.
  3. hmm... boxes are heavenly lol....I'm weird............lol
  4. I love the boxes, too. I always get one even though I never store my bags in them. One day soon we may have to be transferred to another state and I keep telling myself I'll need those boxes when we move. Send 'em all this way, Twinkle!
  5. hey you can always sell your boxes! I can't believe it but some people pay a pretty penny for shopping bags/boxes.
  6. i love boxes too. Always have to have them. :smile:
  7. Yeah, that's the one they have for speedys....a little filmsy, huh.
  8. hahaha!! yea, the boxes just collect dust at home but i cant help but get one everytime
  9. hehe- all the LV boxes I have fit in a dresser drawer :p
  10. I love louis vuitton boxes.
  11. I love LV boxes, and the one with Hampster is TDF!
  12. oh i love the ones with the lid! it's gorgeous isn't it? but i understand about the bulkiness and how it takes up a lot of space.
  13. the boxes are wonderful. my mom keeps mine to store her craft supplies.
  14. I've had to ask for boxes for all "two" of my LV bags. Amamxr actually forced the issue the first time. (again - thanks!). I knew better the 2nd. :yes: It will be a while before I have over-box status. :smile:
  15. Could do without the purse boxes, but I love the accessory boxes.....:drool: