I cant believe I missed this one..Quick..is it real!!

  1. Nothing real bad jumps out, but maybe let it time out and ask for more pictures...?
  2. It looks good.
  3. it also looks good to me.
  4. ...and it's going up in the last minute ;) wow!
  5. Who got it!??!?!
  6. and ended for a bargain! :smile:
  7. What a bargain!!! Anyone here win it??
  8. I bid up to $455 (Au) but lost it inthe last seconds...


    oh well...I will keep looking..

  9. Whoa -- I wish I had seen that earlier. I just emailed the seller to ask if they'd ship to me in the US but then all of a sudden there were bids at the last second. Oh well...
  10. IT WAS ME!!!!!!

    I am so excited! I am really crossing my fingers that she will be willing to ship to the US and accept paypal... And of course, I hope it is AUTHENTIC. hehe I couldn't help myself- I saw it while browsing on ebay on my boyfriend's account and HAD to bid.

    So everyone thinks its real right? I can't wait to hear back from the seller!!
  11. yeah- i bid too... sniped it a few days ago- didn't win :sad:

    kinda glad though- didn't even think to read about not shipping outside of AUS!
  12. kattie i wish you lots of luck! :smile:
  13. whoa, that's the cheapest genuine I've ever seen on eBay...maybe eBay messed up on the listing...I've had that happen before, where something doesn't show up on searches and then "poof" it says it's been there all week.
  14. Actually I saw this auction before. But she had a higher price as the starting bid, I think $700 or 800AU. Still not a bad price but wow, it ended at a total steal!