I cannot, will not, and have not spent more than 500 dollars for a bag...How about u?

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  1. I actually bought two Chloe Betties in Black and Gray...they came from net-a-porter and I was like uh WTF...1,000 each for what exactly? I was supremely unimpressed. Sure its a super cute bag but my MBMJ turnlock teri seemed to be of much higher quality as far as leather and construction. In terms of functionality and organizational capabilities, the Chloe Betty sucked ass. So I returned em both.

    I also bought a Marc Jacobs classic quilted tote that I gave to my mother because she thinks its gorgeous...I'll admit I paid 645 for that one...but it was for my mom...not me!

    The only purchase I have of mine that was over 500 that i can think of right now is th Botkier Bianca which I got from Shopbop with the July 4 coupon so it actually came out to 495 and the large Bianca from karizma with 30 % off which came out to 523, and the MBMJ Dr. Groovee which I got a hundred bucks off of, 398 from 498.

    I love my bags and have way too many...but I am so unimpressed with the "premier designers" that I am unwilling to spend much more than 500 bucks on any bag. I think the bags I have exude beauty, class, functionality and much more so than the higher end brands.

    Maybe I will think other wise later on...

    What do you all think?

    Below are some of the bags that I actually own
    newbags 017_320x240.jpg 0afc_12_320x240.JPG newbags 050.jpg NMV8641_mn_320x240.jpg BOTK-WY31_V1.jpg
  2. So before someone points it out...I did spend more than 500 on the large bianca..BUT...not very much more! :wlae:
  3. I totally agree with you but I have spent over $500 (LV and Ferragamo) and honestly, IMO, bags are wayyyyy overpriced! I do however, buy on sale almost always. Can you imagine spending 2K on a bag and then see it on sale for $600? Your bags are gorgeous btw!
  4. I used to think that way. now I say I will never pay more than 3 grand for a bag. go figure.
  5. 3 grand. Im blown away. Could you give me an example of a 3000 dollar bag? I cant think of any. Thats out of my league
  6. the LV riveting. for one. then theres the land o Hermes...(outta my league BTW)
  7. As of yet I haven't spent more than $500, but I know that I will, and probably sooner rather than later LOL.

    Once you get to a certain point, the dollar amount becomes pointless in terms of quality imo. After a certain amount you are just paying for the brand name. Is a $12,000 Hermes really "worth" that? If it wasn't made by Hermes would it still be $12,000, know what I mean?

    And if it's worth it to someone, then that's absolutely fine. Plenty of the bags I want, I would be paying more for who makes it then what the bag actually is. I'm ok with that and I know what I'm "getting into" so to speak.
  8. Ya know...its a little irrelevant....but I'd take my Botkiers and Marc Jacobs any day over LV and Hermes.
  9. Hermes....BLECH
  10. I guess I should articulate that a little better. I think Hermes is not about innovative design..I think it is purely status...their not particularly beautiful bags but because they symbolize a kind of life and status...they become coveted
  11. Yes. Unfortunately my addiction used to be LV, but now it's Balenciaga. :shrugs:
  12. I haven't yet, but I might. I have bags that retail for over $500, but that's not what I paid :graucho: If I did spend more though, it's not likely to be much more since I probably can't afford it!
  13. Same for LV. I had an Epi wallet that was given to me as a gift. It was authentic. I was a little flabbergasted that a little red wallet with so-so quality and sub-par looks could cost 500 bucks.
  14. I have paid quite a lot for plenty of bags over the years (and will continue to do so!! Hello, Hermes, my one true love.).
    However, I also have bags that are vintage no-names, I have Coach, I have Kate Spade, Burberry, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and so on and so forth.
    I'll buy ANY bag that "sings" to me--if I can afford it (or sell a kidney), of course.

    I do have to respectfully disagree with the idea that Hermes is just about exclusivity, though. These bags are handmade from the very finest materials in the world, and each one is unique because of the particular skin that was used, and the hands of the craftsman who made it.
    Is a Birkin the most "innovative" style? No. But once you've touched, smelled, and carried an Hermes, I'm telling you that nothing else can quite compare.

    BTW over the years Hermes has designed plenty of bags that are innovative. Any Gucci fans here? Do you like the Jackie O? Oh. Well that was originally an Hermes design, called the Trim bag, and it's still made and loved by many today. Anyone like a LV Alma? Oh. Well, that's a rip of the Hermes Bolide, which predated it in design by at least a generation. And of course about half the bags out there today are copies of a Kelly in some way. There's also a Botkier that's a sort of "rough and tumble" take on a Birkin.
    So you see, Hermes might not be making their bags out of space age materials or conjuring up crazy angles or gigantic padlocks or whatever, but they ARE innovators.

    To each her own, though! That's what makes fashion fun--we each have our own individual styles and preferences. :smile:
  15. yeah it just comes down to a matter of taste. I like LV and own quite a herd of them. I like Hermes too but its gonna be a while before I own one. but thats what makes this forum great, we all have different styles.
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