I bought this wristlet pre-sale at Macys 50% 0ff

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  1. so update follow up to my other thread and some useful info. I bought this [​IMG] From Macy's pre-sale for the friends and family sale but I can't pick it up until april 30th. It ended up being 50 percent off so it was 58 dollars with 30 percent off already and then another 20 percent so it is going to be like 32 dollars. I lost the ebay auction, my first ebay experience but oh well. The other wristlet would have matched better because it was camel leather trim and the bag I am trying to accessorize is a camel ergo tote but this one actually works because I have my legacy scarf on my bag with the khaki signature so it coordinates well. I borrowed this pic from ebay.
  2. I am going to a Macys for sure now!! I cannot wait... he he. Thanks for the great deal. Hope to find something great... too bad they do not accept COACH GC... :tdown:
  3. how did it end up being 50% off? the F&F for Cali is only 25%! Was it a marked down wristlet?

    (sorry, new to coach!) :smile:
  4. Did you open a credit card acoount?
  5. She said they were already 30% off and then the F&F discount is 20%.
  6. It was in the 30% off case and then I did presale for another 20%. They used my CC but I don't have to pay with it when I go to pick it up. The personal shopper will keep it until april 30th then I will go in and get it. I didn't realize these wristlets have the legacy lining. That is what gets me every time ! The other wrislet was a little outdated and a little boring although it would have matched much better and did have a front zip pocket which is useful but I like this one more. This is my first khaki signature item.
  7. oh they had bleeker chocolate sig flaps for like 337 with 30 percent off and then another 20 so they will be half of that I am pretty sure. They also had patchwork carly for 30 percent off and some bleeker duffles and fall patchwork tote and duffle and swingpack. also chocolate stripe swingpack all for 50 percent off if you do presale. This was at the MAcy's in Peabody ma but I am sure most of them have the same things.
  8. sorry.. the math major in me is coming out... not exactly 50% (the 20+30 don't add).. but pretty close!
  9. I was thinking the same thing!!! ;)
  10. I know sorry ! I was thinking that too as I wrote it but it was pretty close lol !
  11. lol it's ok! it is close!
  12. great deal!!
  13. I hate my local Macys! They stopped carrying Coach!! They still allow Coach returns though, but every time I go in, there is no Coach!
  14. oh no ! I wonder why ?
  15. Nice wristlet and great deal! The sale officially starts April 30th? Can anyone get the F&F discount? Sorry if has been asked before! I was in the celebrities and coach thread, and saw a green bleeker duffle carried by minka kelly and now I really want one...I need to stay away from TPF haha