I bought the agenda, now I want to shoot myself

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  1. So I went into the LV boutique and bought the small ring Multicolor agenda in white.. It's pretty and I love it.. But now I hate it, because I feel SO GUILTY :sad: :sad: My mom found out and she is so pissed.. She says what's the use of giving me money when I just spend it on stupid things.. and she thinks it was only like $200.. I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do!! I want to sell it, I want to get rid of it!!! I feel like the most irresponsible, stupid and rediculous person in the world!

    What can I do?? :sad:
  2. don't let other people ruin your purchase. i think it's a cute agenda, plus you won't have to buy a new one in a long time, you just buy refills. you need an agenda, you can't remember everything, especially now that your wedding is so close :smile:
  3. Why do you feel guilty about it? Is it really that wrong to buy something that you really want and that you will enjoy? You're 23, right? Last time I checked, that's old enough to make your own decisions. If you like it and you're happy with it, keep it. But, if you're going to continue to feel guilty and every time you use it you'll feel bad, I would look into returning it.

    It'll be all right! Feel better! :biggrin:
  4. If you like it keep it, now if your mom is yelling at you because its a purchase you can't afford than maybe you should sell it...
  5. Hey,

    moms are wonderful at laying on the guilt, especially when it comes to money. :smile: I think you should keep your VERY pretty new agenda, and love it- maybe just try to keep it simple for a little while now that you have it? I wouldn't just get rid of it though- I'm a huuuge impulse shopper, so I understand how icky it feels when someone else tells you that you're spending money poorly.

    keep the agenda, you bought it because you love it and it makes you happy. :heart:
  6. are you sure the guilt trip isn't some kind of power trip? My parents do that to me, but it no longers works because I pay my own bills and have a paying job. They aren't paying for it, so why should they care?
  7. I'm a student, I don't have a real job. I'm getting married and starting my new life this summer in the US.. My FH and I are not rich, my parents are and they are extremely generous.. They just want me to spend the money on things I need, and there will be a lot of things like that coming up.

    I'm selling the agenda and my speedy. I'll be putting auctions up on EBay as soon as I get home.
  8. Please don't feel guilty about your agenda. I think your mom is wrong.You are not irresponsible at all because you've been thinking about buying it for a couple of weeks and your were even looking on ebay to get a used one, didn't you. You did not just buy out of a "Oh want to waste my mother's money now" I don't mean this in a nasty way, just try do cheer you up!! Don't bring it back just put the comment of your mom in the back of your head and lock it there. I've to admit they I don't tell my mom what I actually payed for my lvs. Take care swedie!!
  9. It's a very lovely agenda. Since u r going to use it for a long time, why would u wan to sell it? Just take it as a last splurge (well, if u feel that way) before wedding. Tell yourself you would be very careful about your spending next time.

    cheer up, girl! :smile:
  10. well being as though your a student and about to get married the money probably could be best used elsewhere, I kinda understand where your mom is coming from on this issue, but...you could keep it and let it be your last impulse buy :biggrin:
  11. Ahh Swedie, sorry you are in such a dilema. Is there no way you can just return it to the store?

    If not, think of this - once's your married especially you may not be able to buy these luxuries. Its a beautiful agenda and that is a practical item, albeit not a practical price but it is an LV - its something you can have for everyday use for many years, and you can enjoy it for a long time to come. If you can't return it, consider it your life planner and enjoy it - one day you may think how glad you were to buy it when you did. We have no idea how high the prices may go on these things in the future. Maybe think of it as your last piece for a while and reassure your mom of that. Just my 2cents

    All the best on what you do with it.
  12. Thanks for your support ladies :smile: I don't like who I'm becoming, I didn't use to be this obsessed with THINGS, so I'm going to break this habit now and maybe pick it up again when I'm a multi millionaire :P
    I am going to try to sell it for sure, and I'm going to put my speedy 30 up as well. If they don't reach my lower limit I'll go from there and decide what I want to do.

    Thanks again for your support, I'll post the auctions for you guys to see when I've put them up tomorrow or Thursday.
  13. Aww.. Swedie, my parents are like that too sometimes with money and how I spend it, anyways, you're right about not being too materialistic, there are other great things in life.. like weddings ! ;)
  14. I think that's a good decision, Swedie! Better to get this stuff off your hands and not feel guilty... and not piss off your mom! When you get your hands on your husband's money, you can spend away. :smile: