I Believe I Have Lost My Mind, My First Coach Purchase(s)

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  1. Soo...within the last few months I finished paying off almost $10,000 in debt and had a huge end year bonus. I wanted to splurge on something I would never dream of having, a nice, higher end handbag. My mom and sister always carried Coach and they always gravitated toward the signature bags with the C's all over. For the longest time I thought that is what Coach was. Then I saw that Coach was finally getting along with my taste: soft leather, minimal branding, clean lines...yes please!!! I did a ton of research and found the exact bag I wanted: the legacy studded duffle in archival saddle. Then, I realized I waited too long and had to brave the vast wasteland of eBay and with the help of a friend, found one at a good price. I was scared of it. I did not open the box for a week, then opened it and would not touch the bag for 2 weeks. I finally stared using it and my friend realized I was using a little boy's Superman wallet I bought 13 years ago. She said we were going to the outlet to get a wallet.
    I almost left.
    The first SA was very pushy and tried to get me to buy all sorts of glossy, glittery things that I wanted no part of.
    I almost cried.
    Luckily, one of the other SAs saw my distress and came to my rescue. She admired my bag and asked what style I was looking for. She smiled and said she had just what I needed and came from the back with the Legacy wallet in Cognac. It was perfect. I got that and the legacy wristlet in Deep Port.
    So here they are:


    Thank you for indulging in my little tale. I love this bag to death and smile everytime I see it and make excuses to go places so I can take it:biggrin: And to add to the madness...I got my first PCE in the mail today.
  2. Everything is lovely, congrats!
  3. Loooove that duffle!!! Gorgeous color!!

    LOL @ little boy's Superman wallet!!! Love your replacements!!!
  4. Lol! It was the best wallet I ever had (to this point) and I bought it on clearance at the Warner Bros. store when they were still around. When I transferred everything over it literally fell apart at the seams and I was left with a pile of random pieces of fabric.
  5. Nice choices. I am glad you found such lovely things!
  6. Beautiful choices! The colors are so rich and warm. I am soooo wanting a bag in a cognac/chestnut color and then another one in mahogany!

    Enjoy all your Coach lovelies, sounds like you sure deserve it. ;)
  7. Very pretty! I love the Legacy line! I have a few from that collection. You made great choices,, and your bag and wallets will last many years! Enjoy!
  8. Gorgeous choices!! Hang around awhile and you'll see that Coach has been soft leather, clean lines, and minimal branding for many, many years before they were ever into signatures.

    I also want to say, CONGRATULATIONS! for paying off debt!! That deserves kudos, not an easy thing to do.
  9. First off, congrats on clearing that 10k debt--that's alot of discipline! I absolutely LOVE your choices!!! Duffles are the greatest, aren't they? That is a beautiful style, I can't begin to tell you how much I love it! Welcome to tPF! Thanks for posting; thanks for the pics too!
  10. That is some pretty intense joy, to have that kind of debt accomplishment and then be able to truly love and appreciate what you buy. Congratulations and enjoy....beautiful choices!
  11. Very nice! I like your way of thinking.
  12. Congrats on paying off your debt & on your wonderful goodies! I have that cognac slim zip wallet too. I love it!
  13. Your beautiful treasures will last you a lifetime. Congrats and yay...paying off debt is a hard thing.
  14. Love your studded duffle. You deserve to feel great for paying off your debt. Enjoy :sunshine:
  15. Very pretty! Enjoy your new duffle and your other goodies.