I am so happeeee! Ultimate Spy Score of the Century!!! *yahoo*

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  1. Hi girls!

    Happy early Thanksgiving! I am sosososo stoked because I just got my new (to me) Petrol Spy!!!!!!! :yahoo: I won her on ebay for a CRAZY price, which I think I lucked out on because the photos the seller took were quite bad and the flash made the colour look strange. She had even listed the colour as "demin." :P I had been wanting a petrol spy, but didn't want to have to pay through the nose for one. I feel so lucky!!

    Anyway, she's here and even more beautiful than I had anticipated. Near mint condition! I put a little Lovin' My Bags moisturizer on her as she was a bit dry at first, but she is now super soft and smashing. :tup:

    I hope you like!

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  2. Here's a funny pic I took "hugging" her and another one of my two spy loves- Choco and Petrol :smile:

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  3. Two beautiful babies. Love both of those colors! Congrats!
  4. HOLY...guacamole I didn't realize YOu had one that one! I was eyeing it too. Congrats it is soooooo pretty. I love how the pictures came out and love the hugging picture. Thanks to you I'm dreaming of the petrol once again..I NEED to find myself one! LOVE the color LOVE!!!!!!! :tup:
  5. Wow, you are soooo lucky~ I so want a Petrol Spy!!! Congrats on your new addition! As much as I would have love to got my hands on it, at least it went to loving Pf-er!:yes:
  6. Pretty color! Love the bag - and congrats on a smokin' deal! :wlae:
  7. Yummy that bag looks delicious, and look at how cute the group shot is - they're friends already! ;) The petrol is still my favorite spy - congrats!


  8. Oh congrats! I love the petrol and you are really lucky to have gotten your hands on one that is in such good condition. Your spy looks so content in her new owners arms!
  9. Love the hugging pic but now all you need is to post a Fendi Spy Salute pic! I just won a spy off eBay too but it won't be here until next week sometime:sad: I sooooo wanted it for Thanksgiving and to take it shopping this weekend!
  10. Big Congrats, the petrol is one of my favourite spies, and goes so well with jeans. You look stunning wearing it.
  11. Beautiful! the petrol spy is simply stunning :biggrin: congratulations!
  12. came back to look at the pics again:love:
  13. that is a beautiful bag :heart::heart::heart:
  14. Aw, thanks for all the sweet comments, girls. I'm so glad I could share my new toy with you. Kneehighz- I'll keep an eye out for another twin petrol spy for you. Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  15. That is absolutely gorgeous! I have wanted a spy bag for some time now!! Congrats!!