* I am so broke *

  1. Wonderful collection.
  2. nice collection i love the colors too
  3. That paddy is gorgeous in that color!
  4. ^ I love the paddy too! Beautiful bags! Congrats! :heart: Emmy
  5. Very nice, I love em ! :yes:
  6. oh i love your collection!! probably my favorite so far!! im not sure why? but theres something about your collection that I LOVEE!!! congrats!
  7. Gorgeous! I especially love the white first and the Paddington- so pretty in dark brown!
  8. Great collection! Thanks for letting us peek!
  9. very nice
  10. Outstanding collection!! The cornflower and white bags are my favs!! :nuts:
  11. Great collection.
  12. Your cornflower is beautiful!
  13. lovely balenciagas collection!! thanks for sharing!!
  14. Love the Balenciaga day and Paddy!
  15. nice collection!