* I am so broke *

  1. I am so broke, it's not even funny...

    Clockwise from top left:

    LV monogram speedy 25
    '06 Chocolate Chloe Paddington
    '05 Balenciaga Day, Caramel
    '05 Balenciaga City, Calcaire (refinished)
    '06 Balenciaga City, Cornflower
    '05 Balenciaga First, white
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Yeah but you're RICH in handbags!:heart:
  4. Beautiful collection ... love every single piece!

    I feel you ... but I just love my handbags, I just can't help myself!:sos:
  5. Love the BBags! : )
  6. Puuurty :drool:
  7. oh but its so worth it !!
  8. ooooh so pretty - LOVE your cornflower city!
  9. very nice, thanks for sharing.
  10. Beautiful collection! :heart:
  11. Gorgeous bags!! :drool:
  12. Wonderful!
  13. Great B-Bags!!:tender: I find that my Balenciaga is my most comfortable bag because it is so light and easily accessible.
  14. I absolutely adore your Balenciagas! Great choice of colors!
  15. Very nice collection!!! Enjoy!