I am my cat's chair.

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  1. And bed.

    I sit down, and in just a few minutes, I have a cat on my leg or arm or chest or wherever it finds comfortable.

    Sometimes she sneaks into place so stealthily, I don't even realize it at first. Other times, it's a pounce.

    Then she has the nerve to get testy when I want to stand up.
  2. Don't you know the cat is always in charge? They just let the humans think they rule the roost.
  3. I have a king sized bed in which I get to cling to a sliver at the edge. :biggrin:
  4. I am also resigned to the fact that bedtime consists of me twisting myself into a teeny-tiny pretzel whilst the cats stretchify themselves out into star shapes...And I wouldn't have it any other way...
  5. I am going through menopaws--extreme sweatiness at night brought about by four or five cats piled up on top of and around me while I try to sleep.
  6. My cats are not allowed to sleep with me. Nope. My sleep is too important.