I almost died when I opened the box and saw this beauty...

  1. FedEx dropped off another box today...this has been a very good week for me!!


    This is my third Chanel bag...I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I opened the box and said to myself, "Holy #$%@ this is amazing..."

    I had to pay the FedEx woman $175 CAD for customs, but it's well worth it. I didn't buy this from the boutique; I'm the second owner but it seems to me the original owner pretty much never used it and it's still in brand new condition. I saved about $600 off retail after customs/tax so I am still very, very happy. I bought it for myself as a Christmas gift/reward for getting through the fall semester in University :smile:

    I would still love to own a jumbo and an East/West one day, and right now I'm thinking white caviar will be my next colour. I also want something in red caviar and beige lambskin/caviar...then perhaps my Chanel collection will be complete.

    For now, I present to you my medium/large classic flap in black caviar with silver hardware!!

    The serial number begins with an "8" and it has the old shinier caviar and now that I have both types in my possession (my black GST has the new caviar) I can really feel/see the difference...and this caviar does seem glossier to me...

    Enjoy the pictures! Modeling pictures will be posted later on after I get ready to go out to run some errands!




    flap1.jpg flap2.jpg flap3.jpg flap4.jpg flap5.jpg
  2. :drool: it's beautiful!!!!
  3. lovely... it does look brand new. how'd u get such a deal like that :tup:
  5. Wow karman, that's a great find and it is looking great for an 8 series bag!

    Congratulations and enjoy!
  6. Very pretty! Can't wait to see your modeling shots.
  7. congrats karman!!!!! it's gorgeous!!!!!!
  8. Stunning!!! THis is a must have on my list!!! Gorgeous pictures too :tup:
  9. ooohh my god..that's the one i want..beautiful...what's the $....
  10. Your pink carpet is so cute (it's pink right?)! Congrats on your purchase! =)
  11. Thanks! :blush: It's kind of...a rosey-beige colour. It looks pink in the pics because of the natural lighting.
  12. oooh congrats :yes:
    i love the jumbo in caviar :yahoo:
  13. Congrats!!!!such a great bag for everything!
    I just received a black jumbo yesterday and I LOVE it!
  14. veryy pretty how did you get such a good deal ??
  15. Great bag - Congrats Karman :smile: