HUGE shout out to SPANX knee highs...


    you guys, not sure if this pic comes through or not but for someone like me who relies on knee highs with both slacks AND jeans with boots, mules, clogs, etc I can't believe it took me so long to discover SPANX!!

    there is no big band at the top, so no big leg marking at the end of the day. I can go right to the gym in shorts without worrying that a knee high band is leaving a freaky weird line around my calf :tup:

    woo hooooooooo :yahoo:
  2. oh shoot i thought you were going to say they helped you get into a boot, i can't wear them my calves are too wide :crybaby:
  3. ^ Ugh, I hate the makers of knee-high boots, too, for the same reason. :tdown:

    I don't even have particularly big calves (they're probably average, or slightly below average for my height), but because they assume everyone with small feet is also short in height (and vice-versa), they are always too short and slightly too tight for me. :sad:

    Why can't they do different heights for different sizes? For example: 7T (7 tall) and 7P (7 petite), or the equivalent.

    I know it would cost slightly more to produce them in this way, but it's not as though designer boots are cheap, anyway, is it?
  4. i know what u mean choe i used to wear them and loved them but i gained some weight and now they don't look too big but can't squeeze into any. can't even order custom ones at hermes! i think an equestrian supplier might offer wider boots but u don't get a heel i don't think.
  5. ^ I'm sure many, many people are in this situation, one way or another. The designers/manuacturers must be losing a lot of potential sales, surely? :shrugs:
  6. or trying to keep us Wide Girls out of boots!
  7. Ladies, I used to have the same problem. But I took my boots to a shoe repair shop where the cobbler put elastic into the top. It works great!
    Oh, and to Pursegrrl, I love SPANX too! Did you get yours at Nordies' anniversary sale?
  8. ^^ ah yes but of course!!
  9. really? can you describe where he put the elastic a little more so i can ask my cobbler to do it? i am not sure how you mean. i would love to know because i just tried on these beautiful Hermes boots i would love to have but i couldn't get them zipped up!:heart:
  10. There are quite a few equestrian suppliers that make different widths of boots. Certain brands like Ariat are even more comfortable than normal shoes. If your calf is only a little bigger than the width, you can take them to the cobbler for stretching. It's pretty simple, sometimes the store will do it for you too.
  11. Here's a pic of my boot to show you. (thanks to my DH for his help!) The cobbler made a slit at the top and added a bit of elastic. I don't know what the procedure's called and I don't remember how much it was but I know it was quite reasonable. My boots are knee-high but this should work on mid-calf lengths too. HTH! :smile:
    Boot Elastic.JPG
  12. haute--is that a scottish fold in your signature? what an adorable cat!
  13. oh goodie thx for the pic! i will try to have my boot guy do the same for me.

    yes Twinkle is a scottish fold! best cat i ever had, he's such a sweetie.
  14. Given the large number of boots on sale after Christmas, I don't think that anyone is fitting into them. The pull on suede and leather with some stretch seem to work for me. I think that girls are very athletic and the vendors just are not adjusting to that fact. So if we turn into couch potatoes, maybe they'll zip!

    Msbuttercup, sounds like the cobbler gave your boot an episiotomy LOL!
  15. gracekelly you are hysterical. but i hear ya!!! :roflmfao: