Huge reissue

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    Borrowed this photo from another thread (posted by Smoothoprter, thanks) , can anyone identify these 3 sizes of reissue, the big one looks huge, is there supposed to be a jumbo size for reissue too? TIA.
  2. That white and black reissue are TDF!!!!!! :love::love: Not a fan of the really large one unless it would be for a brief?
  3. the 05 WHITE is a 225
    the 06 BLACK w/ silver is 227
    the 05 GREY is a 228 (the jumbo of reissues which is GIGANTIC! it looks huge on the model and she's probably 5'10"ish... )
  4. Thanks absolutanne....I wonder if anyone actually bought the 228...
  5. see what I know! I would have guessed the white was 224 and the black was 226.
  6. I have the 228. It's not that big. Of course, I love huge bags and my 228 is not huge at all.
  7. wow...that's good to know... the reissue is indeed a matter what size it comes in....:tup:
  8. ^^ I have to admit, it looks huge on the model, but no so huge in real life. I don't carry tiny reissues next to my 228, when I'm wearing it.
  9. Do you think that one is larger than the 228?
  10. Looking at these reissues sure bring a big smile on my face!:love: IceEarl, thanks for posting this pic that shows the differences among these sizes. Gosh, I really want them...the more I look, the more I gotta have!:sweatdrop:
  11. I have the grey reissue in 228 and its not that big at all. It dont feel its much bigger than the 227 actually. Wow, it looks huge on the model though.

  12. petals12, you are welcome (pics borroweded from Smoothoprter)...

    Luccibag, have seen your amazing collection of I wish I had started looking at Chanel 2 yrs ago...then I wouldn't have missed the fabulous grey reissue....:drool:
  13. Damn, it looks HUGE on the looks so big!!!! I like the size of the white one the best.
  14. This is another pic Mon posted in the Ref library...
    The 228 is ginormous!


    From left to right: 228 227 226 225 224
  15. It looks it, but it can't be. It just looks huge in the picture, I think.