How/where do you report website/shops/sellers of fakes/counterfeits?

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  1. I have been reporting fake LVs on Kijiji - they don't do anything. The posts are still there. Annoying as heck especially that they are blatantly fake yet are posted for almost $1000 :annoyed:
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    I did a forum search and I am SHOOK no one mentioned Celebsbound yet?!

    I'm NOT linking them, you can Google them yourselves but shame on ye if you buy. Right now they seem to replicate: Hermès, Celine, Fendi, Givenchy, Valentino, Jimmy Choo and my beloved Chloé! :mad::mad::mad: And they claim to do 1:1 mirrors and they look close at first glance until you gaze deeper.

    I came across them awhile back when I saw a fishy looking Chloé Hudson in a style I wanted to buy from Fashionphile. Out of curiosity I wanted to know how close the fakes looked to the real deal so I could make a more informed purchase in order to know the signs to look out for on the fakes and avoid them if I saw them in the second-hand market.

    Earlier posts said to report to IACC and that you can do it anonymously... How? I click on the report button in the footer of the site in the lower right corner and it takes me to a PDF I cannot read (old computer old Acrobat Reader). Can someone please help report Celebsbound?:
  3. How about where do you go to report the selling of "fake" Coach, Michael Kors, etc on Facebook? This is a huge problem. When you report them to Facebook sometimes they will take the post down sometime they will not. I once reported a post that a lady stated "fake" Michael Kors. When will people learn it is illegal to sell FAKE merchandise. What to do?
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  4. Hi ladies. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post but I've stumbled onto a rather horrific place on Reddit that basically is its own black market for 'superfake' bags and buying and selling fakes. I reported them for illegal activity many times but Reddit does not seem to care that people are selling counterfeit goods there and won't shut them down. Is there anything I can do?
  5. I don't support the buying nor selling of replica handbags but don't we have bigger things to worry about?
  6. You know what assumptions do, right? Spare me with the “TPF community takes a stand......” k? I KNOW.

    Actually, One of the threads I mostly read here is “report this LV” because trying to sell a fake for an exorbitant amount of money is disgraceful and people who do that are scum.
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  7. I don't understand why you're being so hostile towards me for reporting a forum that sells these bags and is likely a source for those fake LVs people try to sell as authentic. You're literally on a thread about reporting websites where counterfeits are sold.

  8. Good to tired of these website all selling fake items...
  9. Hello people. I live in a small and rural community with two consignment stores who sells knock-offs when people bring them in for resale. These consignment owners are not handbag savvy at all, and don't seem concerned about selling fakes. As these are the only two consignments in this small town, I would be marginalizing myself by telling them that what they are doing is illegal. :doh:
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    “Iris” at Tradesy stole my pictures for one of my Chanel bags. I reported the item, but I don’t know if Tradesy will do anything about it:confused1:
  11. You would be helping a business stay on the side of the law vs. defrauding customers, and helping to protect your neighbors from being defrauded.
  12. I let the SAs know which are fakes. That is all that I can do. I have let them know about a dozen fakes so far.
  13. Iris steals a lot of photos. There was one bag that I was really interested in, but in some photos the bag looked like new and in others it looked well used. I ended up googling the images and they were 1000% Fashionphile's. I requested more photos from Iris to get a better idea on the actual condition and I got no response. I messaged again and she said she was busy and would send them next week. That was about a month ago. I don't trust any of her products.
  14. Did you report her to Fashionphile? I feel like they could help take down her shop. I reported the item about 2 weeks ago, but Tradesy hasn’t taken down the listing yet. I’ll email them soon. I don’t know how, but she has 1.4k sales.
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