How/where do you report website/shops/sellers of fakes/counterfeits?

  1. I'm sorry, I just copied and pasted the link that their website put up. I hope this works:

  2. I wonder why the other link doesn't work. Hope this works:

  3. Yep I did. They removed the listing. Reported few more unfortunately, they remove about 50%.... You know, e-bay still wants to make money and they make big $$ on seller's fees...
  4. I agree, they should shut those sites down, but how do you do that when there seem to be so many on the internet?
  6. Hi Everyone! I just was referred to this site. I'm so happy to find it, and especially this thread. I have been wondering if there was a place to report the shops/people selling the replica bags. thank you so much for posting this information. :smile:
  7. shut those sites down, is hard, i think. :smile:
  8. Thank you! There is a boutique in Fresno that advertises all the time on Craigslist. She sells all sorts of "designer" fakes. She says she's okay to sell them because she doesn't sell them as authentic and "as long as it's a "brand such as LV or MK it's legal". Yeah, right...
  9. Please try a search first, and then visit our Authenticate This Forum if you don't find answer :tup:
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    Hi There,

    Thanks for your response. You're saying you got a fake pair from this seller?
    The pair I received were authentic, but the scales in certain areas were not as described. Also, PayPal denied my refund--she won. If you are certain that you had a big problem with this particular seller and you have evidence, I would suggest we work together to get my full refund back as well as yours, and/or get her banned for good from selling anything on the internet.