How/when did you first fall in love with B Bags?

  1. I was curious to see how you all learned about Balenciaga Bags. For me, it was quite simple. Back in early March, I posted a thread on the handbag forum. Something like- I'm a mom w/2 toddlers, looking for a nice bag....

    Zeigeist4 was kind enough to suggest a Balenciaga Day Bag. A few days later, I went to NM and purchased my Truffle Day. And the love affair and obession began....

    I cannot believe it's been less than a month!!

    What about you?
  2. i first saw motorcyle b-bags back in 2001. so many women were carrying these bags with these stringy things hanging all over (i think they were all cities). i thought, what is the big deal. fast forward, 2006. i saw a lady paying for something and reached into one of those bags with strings hanging all over. but this time i was fascinated by it. later i found out it was an ink first. i had never seen a first up to then, but knew straight away that it was the b-bag for me. looked through the net for more info about the motorcycle bag. i was so new that one looked like another to me, i was frustrated, and was about to give up, when i found the PF. i have been hooked on b-bag ever since.
  3. I was trying to find a way to authentice bags on eBay and stumbled into the purse forum. It has been the best thing that I ever did. I saw Nicole Richie in magazines with a bbag and noticed that there was a balenciaga thread. That is when my love for them started to blossom!!!
  4. I was searching for info on the chloe paddy and I stumbled across this forum. After about a month or so I was drawn over to the bbag side for the vibrant colours and I have been here ever since!
  5. Since the first balenciaga motorcycle bag came out.
    it was the one with 4 (!) zippers that came in suede!
  6. I have admired them since they first became popular.
    But my first purchase was last month, on eBay. A lovely greige Twiggy.
    It goes with everything and holds so much. And it's light as a feather to carry, such a nice change from my usual heavy totes.
  7. I was really into Fendi and Chloe at the beginning of the year. I was trying to find a new handbag because my Chloe bag I HAD been carrying was way too heavy for me. I was really upset about it.

    I was going to buy a Fendi Spy so I called my NM SA to hold one for me and I went to go look at it. I picked it up and was very unimpressed with the leather.

    She said "what about this one?" It was the Vert Gazon GH Day! OMG! I almost couldn't breathe!! It was so light, so beautiful and the leather was thick and amazing!

    I've been hooked every since.

    This is the first time in my life that I have been only into one designer! All I ever want to carry is BBags!!

    So I am building a BBag wardrobe so that I have a BBag for every possible situation!!

    ;) :heart:
  8. Nearly a year ago when my husband surprised me with a Rouille Twiggy. I was really shocked. I'd never even thought about getting a Balenciaga before that. I asked him why he chose that particular bag, he said he didn't even know what the brand was, but he loved the color.
  9. I've seen them around when they first became popular and I loved the style so much but it was TOO expensive ... I've brought so many other brands but always got sick of the style and theyalways end up collecting dust in my closet...then in fall 2006, I decided to just go for it and brought my very first bbag, a grenat city ! and til this day, I still drool over the color and leather! .. it was one of my best decisions ever!
  10. I LOVE magazines and a couple of years ago I starting seeing Nicole Ritchie and Mary Kate and Ashley with these really cool bags. I found out that they were Balenciaga so I began looking them up on the internet. That led me here and in Oct '06 I bought my 1st BBag on e-bay. Now I have 3.
  11. I live in nyc, and you see them somewhat frequently. I saw one several years ago on a women in the subway and really liked it (a black first) so I went to Barneys and saw the black day and fell in love. It's still my favorite bag, (although my brown patent leather chloe betty is giving it a good competition. ) :supacool:
  12. I can´t´really remeber when I first saw them. But once there was in the Elle magazine a editors suggest, with a small picture of a black first, with 520 (676$) euros. I thought " hey they are not that expensive than I thought :p Then I found a boutique in Viena carrying a small range of bbags, I saw a first but the price was unbelievable for me about 1150$. I told myself, no way too much for me.
    But I was so obsessed by this bag and the leather :p while searching on the internet I endet up here and after some time I got my black city last year feb. when I was at Paris :yes:
  13. well, i got to know abt bbag thru browsing eBay website abt 4 yrs ago and I was stunned by the motorcycle bag (it was so unique and beautiful and the distressed leather, it was love at 1st sight for sure and i told myself that i will have to bid and win one of this bag) that point, i got my 1st flat brass caramel first........when i carry this bag, not many pple knew abt this brand esp in my country, there wasn't any store that sell this bag until i think a yr later .......:dothewave:
  14. I noticed them early on but didn't fall in love until I saw Ashlee Simpson with her FAKE caramel! I think that was in 05. I had no clue it was fake. I became very interested at that point but still resisted buying one (I felt like I was too old...pshhhhh) for quite some time but couldn't bring myself to spend the money. Once I bought my first one, the flood gates opened and I couldn't (can't) stop!
  15. I fell in love with a bag Ashley Olsen was carrying. I lated found out it was a "Balenciaga Seafoam"

    3 years later my Mom asked if I wanted anything from Europe and I jokingly said "a Balenciaga" and she said "OK". :wtf: ... I ended up ordering my Vert from BalNY, though.

    It wasn't love at first sight when I recived her.. I was pretty disappointed. The leather didn't seem "smooshy" and she was fairly small.. she looked like a child's bag :sad: Nonetheless, with BalNY's return policy lol I figured since I LOVED the color I may as well keep her... and now I LOOOOVE her :biggrin: With use the leather is just AMAZING, I can't stop touching it. It really is sooo silky in comparison to other bags.. plus, the style is so classic.