How to tell your neighbors to be quiet? (Adult content inside)

  1. I've come to you guys to help me out a problem I need to solve.

    I just moved into this old building that's been turned into restored high rise lofts. The ceilings are huge and the space is raw and exactly what I've been dreaming of. However, the walls are just too thin and the neighbors just don't realize that!!!

    I could easily hear my next door neighbor moaning and screaming during sex. That's just too shocking for me, and I don't want it to happen again. (Errr it's called a pillow or closing your lips or many other examples...)

    How do I tell my neighbor to keep it quiet... during those times? She's loud during other times, but during sex is just too much for me. :sweatdrop:

    Short of giving her a ball gag what's the best way to approach her about this issue? I will talk to the property manager to let a record of this, but I don't think mentioning her sex life is right for that, however I'd like her to know it's on that particular issue that I'd like quieted.

    Help please!!:shrugs::s

    Moving isn't an option. I just moved in a month ago and I love my place, I just don't like the noise. :jammin:
  2. Next time you're with someone try to be louder!

    . . . No, but seriously, I don't really know. You can't very well send them a note that says, "Excuse me, but you're too loud. Next time you're sexin' please try to keep it down"
  3. I would say before going to the manager, talk to your neighbor first... she may not know that she's being too loud!

    Maybe just leave her a little note in her mailbox or something and let her know you'd appreciate for her to keep it down a little. She should respect that; if not, then go to the building manager.
  4. Maybe she just doesn't realize you can hear her :shrugs:

    Just give her a taste of her own medicine and see if it stops :whistle:...
  5. LMAO! I had a similar situation. I could hear my the guy in the apt next time mine listening to porn. It was loud, and always at the weirdest times - like at 4 am. He is a really weird guy and I didn't want to approach him. I left a note on his door that said "everyone watches porn, but you are doing it really loud and we can hear you upstairs." From then on, he has kept it quiet and I hope that he believes the upstairs ppl left the note, not me! I still can't look at him though. ew
  6. I was going to suggest an anonymous note as well. Make sure you don't write it on letterhead paper though.

    When we were in the military in government housing, we had the same problem. Their bedroom was above ours, and we could hear her all the time. I was quite the clown back then, and I went up to her one day while we were all outside on the playground with our kids, and asked her if her husband was beating her up at night... told her we could hear... "things". She blushed bright red and later that day they switched bedrooms with thier daughter. (Great, so now MY son heard her! LOL!)
  7. I have had neighbors like that and honestly I never did anything about it. But I swear my neighbor was done in like 30 seconds...hehehe
  8. Turn the music up and DANCE! :party:

  9. hey, that's a good idea.
  10. you should write them a note before going to the property manager, maybe she doenst know she's being so loud. Thats what i would do
  11. Probably doesn't know you can hear. Bet they think old buildings are solid and nobody can hear. I agree with everyone else, write a polite note.
  12. We were in a similar situation about 2 years ago, where the people next door would go at it at about 400 decibels every Saturday. We really wanted to say something to them, but couldn't think of a good way to do it - it didn't help that they were in their 60s LOL

    Anyway, after they finished one night, my BF let out this huge (very deliberate) cough and it reverberated clear as day in the silence... we never heard them again after that LOL they must have been mortified!
  13. Anonymous note
  14. Haha that is exactly what I would do.
  15. Do what Priiin said lmao! :roflmfao:

    But personally, I would tell a manager to have a word, I couldn't do it myself for the embarrassment.