How to stop the City's zip strip creasing?

  1. Some may be confused as to what I mean, so I have posted a pic with a little arrow drawn to the place I am referring to.

    How do I stop this from happening? No amount of stuffing will make this part sit up propperly and not crinkle... :hysteric:

    Thanking in advanceeeee... :heart:
  2. Where is the pic?
  3. Oopsies... heres the pic
    Red City.JPG
  4. Do you wear your bag on your shoulder by the handles?

    I have seen this on some used bags on eBay and I always wondered about that...
    I always assumed it was because of wearing the bag over the shoulder using the handles. None of my bags are like this, I think, only because I do not have super skinny arms so I won't ever wear my bags over the shoulder with the handles. I could easily see this happening over time if I were to wear them this way with my average arms.:shame: KWIM?
    Nevermind if I had a coat on and wore the bag that way... :push:

    Now, I am only speaking from my experience. I imagine this could also happen to some of the gals with super skinny arms as well... with use and layered clothing. Just my theory... curious to see your feedback.:yes:
  5. All my cities that are used, have come like that. Over a dozen. The more worn the bag, the more stretched the leather (from the weight of the handles attached into that part of the bag), the more wrinkles. I thought it was a normal development over time which gives the bag part of it's slouchy allure.
  6. Hmm, I don't think there is any way for you to stop this. I noticed after I bought one of my bags (the PT) that the back "zip strip" was creased like this and I tried to straighten it out and it would not. It was like a weight was put on it for a long time and it stayed in that shape. It was a brand new bag (and style) that just hit the store so I think this is the result of the production process, not a defect or anything to worry about. Then my next bag, which was kinda broken-in looking when I bought it new did not have this creasing. I think it just varies bag to bag.

    You could try laying it flat and putting a heavy weight on it (like a heavy book maybe) overnight and see if that helps keep it from creasing but I think it's there to stay.

    Hope that helps :smile:
  7. Yep, I wear my City by the handles... mind you I got it brand new and I have used it maybe 4-5 times!
  8. Thanks for the advice...

    I was thinking pinning them together with pegs or something to hold them straight...?

    It's definately not a defect, but more annoying than anything!

    It doesnt bother me too much, but it would be good if it would sit up once its been stuffed! Grrr
  9. I think it may also be possible if a bag is stored with the handles facing down all of the time (which is how I think mine was stored) because if the weight...

    My bag was Brand New, but it was evident that the handles had always been facing down as there were some teeny-tiny marks from where the hardware sits up against the strap when laying down (did that make sense?) which would of encouraged the zip flaps to curl over as they are now...
  10. You say it like it's a "bad" thing. ;) As someone said upthread, it can be viewed as contributing to the "slouchy allure" of the bbag. I know it's a matter of personal preference, though...hope you can figure something out that makes it less noticeable to you!
  11. Its not really the wrinkles that really bother me, its more the folding over that I notice.
  12. If I were to put my brand new city over my shoulder by the handles, because the handles are as short as they are, that top strip of leather is literally right up in my armpit. I imagine if I were to wear it this way 2 or 3 times that strip of leather would probably start to fold over as well... trying to create more room for my arm. I imagine the same thing would happen if I tried to use a first this way.

    That top strip of leather on the first and city is pretty structured to start with so I think my theory makes pretty good sense. I have seen many used bags and they are not all this way. I definitely think it's how they are used or worn.
  13. Bella, I just tested out your theory, and - you are 100% correct!

    The fold is because it is pressed down by my arm when carrying on the shoulder, and the front part being folded is due to the fact that when I carry my bag I have my outer arm sitting flat against the front of the bag too... (you know what I'm saying...)

    So I guess its really in the arm of the beholder :roflmfao:

    Thanks for solving my mystery...!

    Nothing much I can really do about it, lose weight on my arms perhaps - but even if I did, those handles really are quite small anyway!

    Thanks again :heart:
  14. :lol:.......

    Your welcome, I think....:s You're right, those handles really are short. This has been talked about before. Who can wear the handles over the shoulder? You have to be very tiny to have those fit over your shoulder and not have that crease happen, which I am not. So, you and me both. Don't let it bother you, wear you bag the way you like. I'm just kind of a nut about my bags...
    When I tried it on that way and saw my bag shoved up in my armpit like it was being strangled.....oh boy.:nuts: ya, I'm kinda nutty.
  15. okay... you guys really piqued my interest. I looked at my city to see if there is a crease, well so far my bag has none. Then I tried putting my arms through the handles to see if the crease really appears... and it does! Now I have a question.... If you want to use your city as a shoulder bag, then why not use the shoulder strap that comes with it? ;)