how to deal with strangers who talk S***

  1. *Sigh*...its almost 3am in NYC and i still cant what else better to do than to surf TPF! hehe...

    im really bothered (for some strange) reason about something i heard today. just to give a little background, im a first year law student and before that, i have been modeling for about 7 yrs of my life (starting in junior yr high school.) today at dinner, a really close friend of mine, who is a senior in my law school told me that one day, when he was talking to a fellow female senior about the incoming class (students in my year) he mentioned me. and the convo went like this:

    the girl said "miss alice? oh...that pretty girl? haha....ya, i know who she is, she looks like a call girl. i saw her walking in the hall way with some white guy and i thought, 'yea, he must have paid for her bc she is NYC's finest'"

    i didnt know how to react so i just kinda smiled and said "oh...ok"..honestly, i was in shock...i mean, dont get me wrong, im VERY USED to vicious gossip, esp being a model in the fashion industry (in US, Europe and Asia) no stranger to nasty remarks..i just didnt expect to hear THAT kind of remark coming from a student in a school of higher education. i feel like in fashion, pp talk S**** bc its competitive..etc..but in law school? yes, its competition, but it should be ACADEMIC competiton...and yet, she made a personal attack against me, a freshman, and she never spoke to me before in my life....WTH?!?

    i know i shouldnt let it get to me..but it has...and it bothers me so much im losing sleep...i keep re thinking about all the clothes i wore to school and i CANT REMEBER any outfits that were provocative!! i mean, i DONT wear sneakers..i wear heels, and i carry designer handbags, but call girl?!

    thanks for letting me vent guys.....:s
  2. well darling, try to go to sleep and not think about it too much! Who gives what people think, you know who you are, and what you stand in life. Maybe she was jealous at you.
  3. tell her to quit drinkin all that haterade. :flowers:
  4. I´d say jealous...jealous.
    Typically nasty feminine way to react when you´re jealous of another girl, talk crap about her ! But that only reflects badly on the person who says these words....keep that in mind, and don´t change !
    She had to admit you´re a beautiful girl, so the only way she could see to attack you is the obvious "call girl/prostitute/etc...". Don´t let it get to you-it´s so stupid.
  5. what the hell?! forget about what they say..don't spend time being upset over one who doesn't know whether she came from her mom's butt or mouth...excuse me for my language..

    btw, is that u in the avatar? u're gorgeous! :love:
  6. That girl is talking from her own insecurity. What she said has NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with how she feels about herself. Feel sorry for her that she's so insecure that she can't feel ok about herself without putting someone else down, and then ignore her.

    I'm sorry you had to deal with hearing that. It's a sad fact that pretty girls can have a hard time being taken seriously in an academic environment. It totally, totally sucks.
  7. I think she is just jealous of you, I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it. She is obviously envious of your brains and beauty :idea:
  8. oh dear...she's definitly just jealous of you. Probably cause your so much prettier than her! I wouldn't worry about it. Theres always people like that wherever you are.
  9. I would have just paused and said...excuse me???
  10. good point mel:yes:
  11. It's nothing but her being nasty because she is jealous of you. Let it go. You don't need to waste you time with such remarks. Hold your head high and be yourself because you know who you are. One would hope by this age people will be mature but sorry to say some people still act like they are in junior high school.
  12. that is totally inappropriate to be talking about you in such a way since you say she does not know you and that it is untrue. people are cruel. i am sorry that you have been hurt by the nasty comments.

    i am long out of school and don't know the current trend in law school attire but i would think that heels may be a bit too much for students. are they normal attire these days? good luck in law school.:yes:

  13. Hahaha, forreal!!! :roflmfao:

    She probably has low self esteem. Poor girl.
  14. miss alice, i went back and re-read your post and i have re-thought my reply. why would this guy repeat the gossip to you? maybe she didn't say it after all. i would be wary of him as he had to know the comment would hurt you.
  15. Her comments obviously reflect much more about HER character than yours. I wouldn't lose another minute's sleep over it. Jealousy can come from anywhere and from ANY level of education.