how to clean my lv

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  1. Hello All!!! I've been a member of purse forum for over a year and really enjoyed the forum but never posted until now. My boyfriend and I were just at a japanese restaurant enjoying our sushi and he accidentally spilled soy sauce on my black multicolore alma bag(don't ask how it happened, i put my bag on the floor cuz our table was too small). Anyways, i took the chance and cleaned the leather part with a very soft wet cloth and that seemed to work. My only problem now do i get rid off that soy sauce smell??
  2. I'd try sitting the bag outside in the open, in the shade so as not to darken the vachetta. Hopefully the fresh air will air out the bag!
  3. thank you berry craig!!!! i will definitely do that!
  4. Your welcome! :smile:
    I've also read of people puting dryer sheets in bags to remove smells, I'm not sure how it would work in your situation though!
  5. i'll do anything! can i spray febreze on it?? or would that be a very bad idea?!
  6. Maybe you can stick some dryer sheets inside it then stick it outside in the shade for breathe. :smile:
  7. I dont think febreze is a good idea. I'd air it out. Good luck.
  8. i just drench my bags in perfume if something like that happens. lol, well not drench. i usually spray it a few times, or if i dont want to do that, you know the samples in magazines? those actually work perfectly. just open the sample and leave it inside the bag zipped up.
  9. thank you guys for all your help! i can't believe how much help im getting from here. you guys are really awesome!
  10. I think this is a great idea! Never thought of it before!!!
  11. Place the bag inside a plastic bag closing it with a tie. Before closing place either a dryer sheet or a fresh, damp non-alcohol baby wipe (away from the leather parts of the bag). Many have used the dryer sheet, but I have found the damp baby wipe seems to absorb the odor even better, not sure why.Good luck, I am so glad you were able to remove the stain, you were so lucky!
  12. Yeah!!! That is a good idea.....