How to clean Fendi leather?

  1. Have any of you ever cleaned your leather Fendi bags? If so, what products did you use and how were the results?

    I've noticed that my black Borsa Nappa bag hasn't been looking too good lately and I'd like to clean the leather but I don't want to ruin it. There aren't any actual stains or anything but it just looks kind of dingy. Any suggestions?
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  3. Nappa leather is quite delicate and know for color flaking off or that's what I had from my own experience. I have never tried to clean it before but was told by the SA to use a dry cloth and wipe it once in awhile. The best way is to be careful not to dirty it when using.

    Alternatively, bring it to a reputable professional for cleaning.
  4. Does anyone have the pearl colored spy?
    How do you clean it? :confused1:
  5. Hi ladies I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for cleaning and conditioning the fendi spy bags? :shrugs:
  6. good question. been wondering how too. im new to nappa leather.
  7. Me too!!! I hope someone can post a link since the "search" feature is gone. Maybe a sticky?
  8. Hmm crazy not one tidbit of help? I think maybe we are supposed to let are bags get trashed? Im scared to carry mine! You do have to set them down here and there or you probly should, but I wouldn't think of it unless its protected! I hope search is up soon.:s
  9. Technically, few products are recommended here, since the Nappa leather can absorb them & get "heavy". But I have found if a spy Nappa bag gets dirty, a light touch of clear gel (Coach, lexol, etc. ) leather cleaner, wipe it off quick, works OK. Also if the leather gets really dry & hard, a small very light touch of Apple Leather Care (a conditioner). Use less rather than more...;)
  10. Thank you for posting this. Mine is getting dry. I have been hesitant to carry it. I am also scared to put anything on it!
  11. thank you baglady!:flowers: now where to find this apple conditioner? I did a search and cann't seem to find the apple one? hmm:confused1:
  12. Apple conditioner is mentioned a lot in the balenciaga forum - you may find out more about it in there. But I think in general - it is advised not to try to treat the fendi leather with conditioning or cleaning - as you would with some other leathers... Prevention is best :yes:
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  15. I don't treat mine with anything. A lot of products out there have some sort of silicone in them which then suffocates the leather. Appleguard is great on Balenciaga and I use them only on my Balenciaga, NEVER on my FENDI's with one exception - if I need to remove a stain, I use a dab of the appleguard conditioner (not cleaner) on the leather in a light dabbing motion with soft cotton cloth. Never in a scrubbing motion since nappa is so much more delicate. Other than that, I avoid putting anything on them.