How the Beckhams Spent Christmas

  1. David and Victoria Beckham were spotted leaving Claridges Hotel in Mayfair, London, UK on Christmas Eve with their three boys — Brooklyn, 7, Romeo, 4, and Cruz (pictured above), 22 months. One onlooker said, “They both looked gorgeous. Most of us look a bit haggard after hitting the shops so hard - but not Posh and Becks
    On Christmas Day, Mr. and Mrs. Becks were seen entering the high-class Cuba restaurant in Covent Garden, Central London (pictured below). Vix seems to be wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin heels that are a size too big! Becks reportedly gave her another pair of of Louboutin’s for Christmas…
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  2. Love her outfits!What a cute family!:yes:
  3. Much happiness to them!
  4. I just love them... the shoes do look a tad big though!
  5. Its just the angle,she wore them this whole year a lot and they looked fine!
  6. Appear to be photo ready at all times
  7. They're such a cute family!
  8. Uh, the kid is almost 2 & still sucking on that bottle...:s
  9. Wow - what a gorgeous family!
  10. Thanks for posting!!! I love to hear any Beckham news, mainly if David is mentioned!!! :nuts:
  11. They look great together.
  12. Cute!!!!
  13. Oh dear you obviously dont have kids and what a rude remark anyway!:censor:
  14. Excuse me? Yes, I have 2 small children. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics & any parenting book you'll ever read, a child should not be taking a bottle at this age. And straight from the UCSF homepage..

    When is my child ready to be weaned from the bottle?
    In general, children can try a cup at 6 months and be weaned off the bottle around 12 to 18 months. Children are ready to be weaned when they:
    • Can sit up by themselves
    • Can eat from a spoon
    • Show more interest in solid foods
    • Have an established routine for mealtimes
    Why is it important to wean my child off the bottle?
    • Children using bottles are more likely to develop tooth decay.
    • Children who drink from a bottle may have improper dental development.
    • Children who depend on bottle feedings may not consume enough solid foods to meet their nutrient needs.
    • Children who are not weaned from the bottle may not develop appropriate feeding skills.
  15. Well who cares what the text book says.Its never the way its written down anyway.A child can have a bottle until he is ready to let it go,nothing wrong with 22 month baby having a bottle.What,you make it sound like they should be embarrassed or something?I have seen 3 year olds with the bottle.No big deal,it depends on every child individually!:rolleyes: