How Pantene Almost Made Me Bald!

  1. That's very true, but I hope this time goes well.
  2. Thank you both!
  3. I mentioned earlier in this thread that I don't use Pantene, but then I realized that I have a jar of Pantene in my shower (it's called "Beautiful Lengths Replenishing Mask") and I actually use it as a deep condition the day I have a hair appointment for foil highlights. My stylist usually comments on how healthy and soft my hair feels and I've never had any issues like the ones that OP has described.
    I really think that this may be more about the stylist making a mistake and then trying to cover it up. If it was me, I certainly wouldn't be going back to that salon any more. OP, have you thought about switching salons/stylists?
  4. I do love my salon though :sad: I'll go back because 1. I have an appointment and 2. if I dont go back I lose money!
    But maybe its the certain product I was using? Idk hopefully she'll do good this time
  5. ^Clearly, that's your choice, but personally, my hair is worth more than money. I'd be willing to lose the money for a hair appointment rather than risk the same stylist ruining my hair again. Perhaps you could speak to the salon manager about it and explain that although you love their salon, you have concerns about your last appointment. Maybe the manager could oversee your next appointment to ensure that everything is being done correctly?
  6. Hi - thought I'd chime in as well after seeing this title. First of all, I am so sorry you had a bad experience with your hair. No matter WHAT happened it's a very traumatic thing!

    Any6way, I've used Pantene for almost 15 years! Always the conditioners, and sometimes the shampoo too. I also get my hair highlighted very blonde with some caramel lowlights - every 10 weeks or so.

    My stylist always comments on how healthy my hair is. I've never had a problem with my color or breakage.

    I hope you get your problem fixed easily with no more recurrences! :smile:
  7. Why are you losing money by cancelling in advance of the appointment?
  8. How scary!
  9. I'm curious about this too. Any respectable salon would refund your money for the botched service.
  10. I don't use because I don't like how it smells but my mom and little sister had bad reactions to it. It burned their scalps. They have sensitive skin and they now use Redken.
  11. I used to use Pantene until I ended up with chemical burns - after a while of using it I noticed that my scalp was red raw, itchy and sore. My stylist told me it was chemical burns. I dont even have sensitive skin!! So, yeah - I don't use Pantene anymore!!
  12. ^ Probably just sensitive to the fragrance or an ingredient...
  13. I tried Pantene years ago and I found it to make my hair greasy feeling. I just didn't like it. When I got my hair done a couple weeks ago, I was talking to my stylist about produce and she said the one product she hates is Pantene. Go figure...