How Pantene Almost Made Me Bald!

  1. Thanks for the replies everyone :smile:
    vhdos- yes you are right, seeing as I have finer hair that is probably a factor.
    Going back to the salon in 2 weeks! can't wait!
  2. OMG, cray! Someone tweet this info to Kyle Richards, stat!!!
  3. Uh I use pantene, I get foils and I dye my hair at the root every two weeks with permanent color, besides having a very warm scalp, and this has *NEVER* happened to me.

    Im calling BS on this hairdresser and blaming her product or application not working with your hair type.

    You should clarify every few weeks if not weekly if you are using silicone heavy products though. I use prell mixed with my shampoo 50-50 every other week before I color to get any silicone buildup off my hair.
  4. I don't think the Stylists at my salon would BS me on this. You may also be using a different shampoo to me and as was discussed earlier hair type could be a factor, But at my salon hair stylists have seen this happen on MULTIPLE occurrences and the dye could be different to the one you use? Well I guess we'll see when I go back to the salon if it becomes a repeat occurrence. :hrmm:
  5. This is an urban myth. My hairdresser believes it too and has similar examples to share with her clients. There are many conditioners with higher levels of silicone than Pantene (e.g. John Frieda). If you compare shampoo and conditioner formulas across brands, they're all pretty much the same.
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    I think this is BS. I have friends who only use Pantene products and get their hair foil highlighted, dyed, permed and straigntened. Not one of them has ever had a problem with their hair. My daughter uses Pantene and gets foil highighlights and her hairdresser said that there is no problem with Pantene products reacting to chemicals. I had to ask her this before I made a appointment for her to get her hair done next month.

    I had a problem once about 20 years ago with foil highlights where I think the color was not taking quick enough and the hairdresser put more strength of the developer into making the bleach. When she took off a few foils some hair melted and came off. Lucky it was just a few and my hair was short so it was not noticable. I feel it was major error on her part and had nothing to do with my hair since I have a pixie cut and wash and air dry so my hair is always very healthy. Sometimes one also has to wonder what prodicts the salons use. My friend's mother gets her hair dyed at what is supposed to be a upscale salon and they use one of the cheapest products from the beauty supply store. It is not even a brand name color. I was shocked when she was able to buy it from the beauty store when she was going on vacation and had to do her hair herself. A friend who worked in a salon says it is amazing to see what goes on in some. One salon she worked in bought cheap shampoo and conditioner and put them in well known designer name bottles at the shampoo station. She said if they were skimping at the shampoo staion she could only imagine the rest of the salon. She only lasted a few days there because she was so unhappy with their practices.
  7. Do they sell products like shampoos and conditioners for you to take home and use after purchase? Then they're bs'ing you to make a sale. I have used and currently use several pantene products, and there are more products out there with FAR more silicone and sulfates than any you mentioned, esp the "sleek line" versions. I am again more inclined to believe she mis-mixed something or mistimed something and is trying to make you feel bad for her poor workmanship.

    I'd also be curious what line of color she uses/used on you. I've tried all the majors for many years, not to mention many smaller brands that don't get a lot of big money advertising. Never a problem.
  8. Pantene has been in business for YEARS! You know how many thousands of women use it and also color their hair? I'm sure we'd be hearing a lot more horror stories if this were true.
  9. While they DO sell products (Phillip Kingsley, Kerastase etc) my hairdresser told me to use HEAD AND SHOULDERS to completely strip the hair! And before the disaster the only product in my hair care routine I had changed in a long time was the shampoo, to Pantene.
  10. Possibly, but I also wonder if your stylist screwed something up and tried to blame it on something else.
  11. That was my very first gut instinct.
  12. Well that could be possible :sad: I hope not though! Because she didn't know what was happening but it was multiple OTHER stylists/colourists who came over to talk to us about it.. hmm... She thought it was a natural reaction of my hair type or something.
  13. If it happens again and you haven't used Pantene, it's her/her products. That is EXTREMELY unusual and frankly sounded like she screwed up and was fishing for a reason to shift blame and or sell you something from the salon. I hope it was a random thing, but my first thought was that.

    I hope your hair is ok again after all that.
  14. I guess we'll find out, I'm going back in just over a week!
    Thanks! :smile:
  15. Truth is, you may never find out. It all sounds very bizarre to me... Good luck, though! :smile: