How often do you typically switch bags?

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  1. How long do you usually carry a bag before you switch? I'm not talking temporarily switching for a special night out - I mean the bag you carry every day... how long do you use it before you decide it's time to change, either to a new bag or to one you already own?

    I tend to change bags once every two months... sometimes I get a new bag, and sometimes I just switch to another one I already own.
  2. I usually switch every couple of weeks.
  3. depending on what I'm wearing...everyday!
  4. I switch almost everyday. My bag has to go with my emsemble. ;)
  5. I switch almost everyday depending on the outfit and the mood.
  6. I'd love to switch every day but I just can't find the extra 3 minutes some mornings to do it. I'd say I manage it once week.....
  7. I do seasonal rotations. During a season there may be 1-2 bags I rotate at a time.
    (This may be changing as I supplement my collection):amuse:
  8. Depend of what I am wearing and the mood.
  9. It used to be every season (about every couple months) but now it's almost everyday.
  10. I switch everyday.
  11. Almost everyday, depends on what I feel like carrying that day.
  12. usually when i get bored of the bag or i get a new one. so varies from a couple of months to a week...
  13. I used to switch every couple of weeks, but lately I switch depending on what I'm wearing, or my mood. Today I feel like carrying my paddington, so I'll be switching bags. I've missed it :P
  14. I switch like every 3 days. I'll think about a purse I haven't worn or missed and take that out, or if I end up buying a new purse.
  15. I also switch every day. I go by outfit and what my day looks like. If I know I am schlepping kids around than I may use a "backsack" style, if not I use a hobo or a satchel.