How often do you lock your keys in your car?


Jan 23, 2007
I did it this morning.

I called in sick :throwup:, and before the day started went to work to make sure my replacement would have what they needed to muddle through my day. (I was there around 5:30am, and no one would be around till maybe 7am)

Except, when I got to the parking lot, I put my keys in my backpack and then had a brain fart & decided I didn't need my backpack--completely forgetting that I had my car keys in the backpack--and locked and shut the door.

I got 20 feet away when I remembered I needed my cellphone....which was in the backpack...which was in the car....with my keys. :faint:

I had to call my DH (who was already at work) from my workphone to come get me... didn't even get to leave proper backup notes for my work.... and my spares are with my parents on their side of the island (because i make a trip to their side almost every weekend). was nice enough to say she'd bring my spares after she's done work..... which is good bc DH's spares are also locked in my car!! :sweatdrop:

I feel so lame today. :noggin:

Tell me I'm not the only one!!


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Sep 21, 2006
Only once and it was because I finally moved out of my first home of 15 years. I was kind of lost and nervous being in a new place with a new dh and a new neighborhood. Dumbest thing was I was at the gas station just around the block from my house and the keys were in the ignition. Luckily a very nice neighbor across the way used his AAA service to save me from any further embarrassment. Just as my car was being unlock. My dh came home from work driving right by me wondering what was going on.


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Mar 6, 2008
South Carolina
Years ago. Twice. Finished shopping and it was summer, locked keys in car. Then the next time was when I went to get gas and left it running with keys inside. From then on, hid a key on the outside of my car but never locked them in again.


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May 19, 2006
Out East!!
My key has a button on it to lock the car - so I can never lock my key in the car. Great invention - because when I was younger there was no such thing and I had locked my keys in the car many times.


Apr 21, 2008
Twice in a week, both times after miserably failing a final exam back in college. Actually, no, it was while I was taking college classes in high I was basically a freaked-out kid. Both times the car was running, too.


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Aug 20, 2007
All I have to say is thank God for the buttons...but once I did lock my doors, then open my trunk, and close my trunk with the keys in it.

Luckily DH was with me and had the spare key. Phew!


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Dec 28, 2007
i have done it, i think once, but dh knew how to unlock it from all the times that he locked his keys in the car...DOH! so we got it unlocked in a flash.
Jun 25, 2008
Once was enough. That same day I got one of those magnetic boxes inside which you put a spare key and stick somewhere on the bottom of the car.


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Mar 23, 2008
LA the state
My Honda and Altima have key less entry. My Honda keys has all the buttons on the key it's self so I never ever lock those in the car because I have a habit of hitting the lock button a few times. The Altima is push start so the keys stay in my pocket or my purse which NEVER EVER gets left in the car so again the keys are always with me.

There is this really awesome feature on the Honda that if the keys are in the car the door won't lock so it is a life and money saver which makes me never lock the keys in the car.


Feb 13, 2006
I did this once about 11 years ago and what a PITA it was. Haven't done it again. I hope this thread doesn't jinx


Nov 22, 2006
Only once when I was in college and visiting a friend in Berkeley. We called Triple A and when they arrived (an hour later), they said they couldn't open my car since the Triple A card was in my friend's name and not mine!!! That was so annoying!!! But, my friend's apt. mgr. had been a cop, so he had a slim jim tool and opened up my car for free!

My DH locked our keys in the car once when we were going to a concert (David Bowie). We had parked on a side street near the stadium and luckily, we saw a tow truck driving by and flagged them down for help.

But now, our cars have remotes that don't let you lock your keys in!! Yeah!
once as a senior in highschool I don't know what I was thinking. Car still running I get out and lock the doors and shut them! I freaked out! luckily some friends managed to get my car open Then a few years later I did the same thing!!!!! Only this time I was 3 hours away from home and luckily a stranger came by and helped me get into my car. Honestly sometimes I wonder where in the world my brain goes??!!