How often do you buy new wallets? Do you baby them?

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  1. Hi all!
    I'm slowing branching out from handbag obsession into wallets. I've never spent much money on wallets. I've been using an HH Pompidou clutch for the last couple months but it's not a great card-holder. Before that I was using a really fun one from LoopNYC from urban outfitters. That wallet fell apart after a few months of use, but it wasn't a big deal since I spent like 20$ on it.

    So I just received an HH Bungalow wallet in Yam on sale at Anthro. I love it, but I am worried about it getting dirty and looking cruddy quickly. I spent ~90$ on it, which is alot for me for a wallet.

    So my questions are:
    How often do you have to replace your wallets?

    Do you switch up wallets like I switch up bags? Or keep one in rotation until it dies?

    Do you baby your wallet like I try to do with my most costly purses?

    Thanks for the discussion! :tup:
  2. I bought a leather wallet from Danier Leather (in Canada) SEVEN years ago and it is still going strong! I never switch up wallets...switching bags is a big enough pain, let alone transferring all those cards!

    Re-reading this I can't believe I've used the same wallet for 7 years!! I guess I'm due for a new one. The $49 or so I spent seemed like a lot at the time (while a broke university student) but did it ever last! To all those living in Canada reading your wallets from Danier!
  3. I don't change out my wallet either (unless I am carrying a clutch or something, then I'll take out just the essentials), I use one until it needs to be replaced. My wallets have to be durable because they stand up to a lot of handling (when I'm shopping and whipping out those credit cards, hehe) and get thrown around in my bag, tossed around with my keys and makeup bag and everything else in there. My Coach wallets have held up well, but I stay away from fabric and delicate leathers.
  4. I buy a new wallet every 2 years. I don't switch them because its a real pain. My wallets take a lot of abuse, so I can't justify spending $$$ on them.
  5. i use a wallet for about a year. right now I am using a black lambskin chanel perforated long wallet which I adore, I keep too much stuff in my wallet to keep switching it out.
  6. ^^^ My daughter bought me a credit card holder from Danier. I had wanted an LV one and this is what she could afford as a student. :love: Besides the fact that is was soooooo thoughtful, it is probably the best made leather I have ever had. I have used it daily for four years now and it still looks brand new. So I can believe that the wallets are made just as well. :tup:

    BTW: She also bought me a coach small c signature wallet a couple of years ago and that is still in great condition too!! She is a sweetie and she is great at picking quality.
  7. ^^ what a sweet daughter! Of course, thats also an excellent refelction on the parents :smile:

    I buy wallets all the time but I'm with the group that is so hard on wallets that I'm afraid to use any of them. I use a teeny, sequined clutch purse that my mom got me for Christmas about 3 years ago lol.
  8. that is totally hilarious!!!! my new HH wallet is so soft and such a treat to have in hand. but i am terrified of messing it up. i am kind of a pigpen and accident prone and like one of you mentioned above, with the amount of credit card action i see each day, this wallet will be living a hard life :boxing:
  9. I KILL my wallets so I generally stick with the same one for a year and then buy a new one.

    I am not generally a Coach fan, but I find that the regular leather ones (without any logos whatsoever) hold out pretty well for at least a year and they're around 100 bucks at the outlets.
  10. I don't spend an awful lot on wallets. I figure wallets are used to SAVE or spend:nuts:money so I don't think wallets are something I'd feel comfortable spending alot of money on. Not too mention I did have a wallet (a cheap one at least) stolen before and I don't think it's a good idea. It bangs around in the bag and will get damaged or scratched someway or another so I'd rather not have to baby both my bag AND wallet. Plus people see your bag and the only person seeing your wallet is the cashier lol

    Right now I have a chicklit tano wallet. I love that thing to death! So much room yet so slim with compartments that work out great for me. I swear, I'll have this for life lol

    Wanted to add I keep it until it dies. I don't rotate. Rotating bags is enough work lol

    I actually had one walmart wallet last well over a year. Lasted better than an american eagles one I had which was funny. Now that I need bigger wallets, I only buy more expensive ones but would never want to spend over a 100.
  11. TY Dolly :smile:
  12. i have a chanel wallet that i use WAY too much...almost two years now and it looks like i bought it yesterday...good craftsmanship and good leather that can with stand a good tossing around= a lifetime of use out of it.
  13. I used to only have one wallet that I'd run for a couple years and then buy a new one, but these past 2 years I've bought a few more and now rotate them. It keeps me from getting bored of the same thing. They are a pain to switch out though, so I maybe switch them out 4x a year at the most.
  14. I just bought a Coach leather mini wallet and don't plan on switching out of it for quite a long time. It's more than I would usually spend on a wallet but I couldn't resist the magenta inside to match my duffle. Luckily it's black on the outside so I can use it with all my other bags too.
  15. A couple of years I think. I like my wallets to be fresh and clean looking! I just bought a Coach accordian wallet in the pebbled Chelsea leather at an outlet a few months ago and I really love it. It holds everything and is very well made and sturdy.