how much is the retail of a box paddy?

  1. There's this auction I have my eyes on, the chloe box paddy in craie

    eBay: CHLOE CUTIE!!! CHLOE Paddington Cream Leather Handbag!! (item 270033072350 end time Oct-01-06 16:34:42 PDT)

    Do you think the price is reasonable for a "maybe used" bag?
    and what color is that the same as craie?

    thank uuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

    if anybody see/hear/know any craie/sable/creme...or any other creamy colored paddys or tan, preferable 05. pleaaaase let me know.

    I dont know any other websites besides ebay that sells used paddingtons.
    thanks againn!!!!!!!
  2. this thread should prolly be in the shopping sub forum but...

    Check out the Authentic This thread for discussion on this bag. A number
    of us have been eyeballing it :smile:

    I emailed the seller the day it was posted, however he/she has not
    responded to my request (color varification). That doesn't feel right to me.

    Good luck!
  3. I think it must be craie even mine doesn't look as "greyish" cream shade as this one - it could be the lightning..? Audrey has this style in craie, she might be able to tell..?

    The bag looks gorgeous but seller sounds weird if not responding for hmwe:wtf:
  4. sorryyyy..!!!!!
    I will try my best not to do this again!
  5. ^ Hmm.. I'm not sure sonja. :s

    The stitching on the padlock's leather strip isn't even like 2005 bags..It's more of a zigzag. For the color, it's a bit darker (maybe more beige?) than my craie but I do see a slight pink tone. It's possible that is from the camera/lighting or an image editing program like photoshop. Here are two pictures to compare - the first is my craie's padlock and the second is the picture from this auction.

    You'd need more pictures in different lighting to really tell what color it is. However, if the seller is not responding, I would not buy from them.
    craielock.jpg ebaypic.jpg
  6. Audrey I'm agreeing, it definitely looks darker than my craie too:s

    And that stitching thing makes it really look like 06 bag... I think there's something too weird on this auction, especially if the seller's not responding at all :sad:
  7. ^ Sadly I have to agree :sad:... Something seems wrong here.

    Also I noticed the leather is a bit weird for a Chloe bag... The front is more fine-grained and less pebbled but looks different from the smooth non-pebbled bags I've seen... Not sure if that makes sense. :sweatdrop:
  8. ... now that you said it I can see it too :wtf: My loaf is like a bit shinier and much wrinklier and pebbled, totally different kind of texture than this - I dont know how put it on words but it's very different
    I would ask some more pictures but the seller wouldn't propably send them :sad:
  9. Mine is exactly like yours. :yes: I tried to crop an upclose shot of it, you can see the leather almost has a slight glisten. I highly doubt that bag on Ebay is craie. :sad:
  10. Audrey that's a great photo to show how the leather is in craie, mine's leather is just like yours! :P
    I think the sable doesn't have that kind of leather (as on this ebay bag) either...?
    I really thought this box must be authentic as it's not so widely faked style but now I'm getting suspicious.
  11. Audrey, Sonja you gals ROCK!! :flowers:

    And to think I was seriously considering this bag!! :crybaby:

    So sad cause I adore both of your unique craie's in a HUGE way! :heart::P:heart:
  12. Sonja I agree with you about the sable, I'm starting to think this bag may be a high-quality fake. However, it is odd that someone would choose to fake a box paddington... :wondering

    hmwe, we gotta find you a craie!!! :yes: I will keep my eyes open and pm/email you asap if I find one!! Which style are you looking for? Wouldn't it be neat if it were satchel? Then all three of us would have craie in different styles! :love:
  13. Thanks Sweetie!!!

    I so adore the craie! Did it come in a zippy? She asks hopefully! :yes:
  14. Hmm.. I'm not really sure (I don't know much about zippies.) Maybe chloe-babe would know?? :confused1:
  15. Soo... you have the Ultimate Craie Box Audrey and Sonja has the Ultimate Craie loaf

    and as much as I love the craie, I do have a blanc

    and no whiskey

    sooooo... perhaps I should find a whiskey box?? I know they made them
    so that's a possible combo.

    I think what I am finding is I really want an '05 in either a box or a loaf
    style, so it's different from my other pieces.

    Picky much!?! :smile: LOL!!