How much does it cost to have all the leather parts replaced for a Speedy 25/30?

  1. Just wondering if it worth to have it done... :shame: I can't stand dirty handles so better get an idea on how much it costs as maybe few years down the road I may need to get that done. :P Also, how long does it take? Thanks in advance..! :flowers:
  2. You should call the 800 number to get a quote for each part. I would guess it costs about $250 - $300.

    Each handle is $77. x 2 = $154
    The leather tabs which hold the handles were $26 each. x4 = $104.

    You have the leather pull tab too & I don't know what that costs. If you do just the handles, it's not bad, but the handles will be really light and won't match the rest of the bag until they darken, so the bag will have a weird look.

    Personally, I don't think it's worth it since you could sell your used bag for about $375 and buy a new one. A new one is $595, less $375 is $220, which is less than it would cost to replace all of the leather.
  3. The above post is a little high. I took my monogram speedy into the Charlotte store last night for new handles, chads (the triangular part where the handle is attached) and pull tab. The estimate was $145.00. The only thing that was not going to be replaced was the other tab at the other side and the piping. My SA said the piping won't be that noticeable because mine was still very light and so was the tab. It does add $200.00 on top of that if you want the piping and that one tab also.
  4. I agree with Baglady14, if you want to replace all the leather, just get a new bag, it's much less troublesome
  5. Calling Jo jo, she had her speedy redone and it looks brand new.
  6. yeah, getting a new bag is much more feasible.
  7. charleston mom, i love the charlotte store

    aboutsoluetly love it!!
  8. I would totally get a new bag too.
  9. I would too; however for LE pieces??? That is my only option when they're not available anymore. Otherwise if it was a current piece a new bag is the solution.
  10. It would be better to just invest in a new speedy in my opinion.
  11. Replacing all the leather on a bag is about 2/3s of the retail cost.. so at that point, you might as well throw in some new canvas.. on a new bag that is ! :graucho:
  12. i'll probably end up spending a fortune on replacing the leather on ALL my bags when they get too dark :lol:
  13. I would rather spend $145.00 than $550.00 but that's just me - I can live with the piping slightly darker since the leather will catch up with the piping quick enough. I only bought my bag in February and it's in perfect condition - so I sure would hate to buy a new speedy every six months. That seems a little crazy. It is only 350.00 if you get all the piping replaced too and you really don't usually need to do that. These quotes of $400.00 are incorrect and I'm not sure where they're coming from. I have a written estimate of $145.00.

    Sophia - I love the Charlotte store too! Did you see we have Nieman Marcus coming in a month and the new Ralph Lauren store just opened. It's my understanding from the SA at the Burberry store that Hermes is coming as well - couple that with Tiffany's and we have a pretty nice mall!