How much did YOU enjoy highschool?

  1. So most of us have been through highschool, and it's said to be "the best years of our lives", but how much truth does that statement hold? Was it really that great for you? Or was it a living hell? For me it was pretty much a drag, but with a few fun moments inbetween.
  2. I hated it. I was kind of shy and quiet. Also, I was so awkward looking and I had acne. Because of that, I had very low self esteem and was depressed for a while. I also never did any of the "normal" stuff you see in movies like dating or going to parties. I'm a lot happier in college.
  3. I didn't hate it nor did I love was okay I guess. I do miss playing soccer there though...we had a pretty good team when I was there.
  4. i hated it. i was asked the other day "if you could meet the person you were at 15 would you like her?" and honestly the answer would be no.
  5. Hated it. Got sent to an all girls private high school and it just wasn't for me. I wasn't outgoing enough to meet boys on my own, so dances really sucked. I spent a lot of time on the internet in gaming worlds, until my senior year. I do value my education - the pushing from teachers and hard curriculum really paid off!
  6. I hated the first year and a half of high school. Was mixed into the wrong crowd a little bit, but after grade 9 I started meeting a lot of my really close friends. I have one best friend that I've kept from since I was little who was there for me for all the "stages" - we're best friends to this day. I really enjoyed the second half of high school when I met most of my dearest friends now. It was A LOT of fun.
  7. About as much as someone with a novocaine allergy enjoys a root canal.
  8. I Hated It!!!
    Girls Were So Mean!!!
    And Boys Too!!!
    I Learned That Not Everybody's Your "friend"...
    God Just Thinking Of Those Years...yuck!!!!
  9. Had a blast. Seriously lol. Maybe not the school part so much, well I rarely went anyways but that time period was great. I was a wild child though
  10. I absoutely loved my senior year. I stressed myself out the first 3 years and worked my butt off, but senior year, everything came together, and I had a great time.
  11. I loved it! I didnt realize how much i liked it until here recently. I made so many good friends and memories that i'll never forget! I cant say I would re live it again but i wouldnt change it for ne thing!
  12. I really enjoyed my time in high school. I liked learning, I had nice friends and teachers, and other than my opinion that my curfew was too early I have no complaints. However, I did like college better -- I was on my own and could do whatever I wanted, which was a BIG change from high school.

    Admittedly, though, my best years started when I was 28 and I moved from MI to CA. That was when life REALLY began.
  13. I HATED high school. I dropped out two weeks into my junior year and started college when I was 16. I was much happier.
  14. Meh, it was ok lol.
  15. i loved it looking back it was the best school years for me