How many tokidoki bags do you currently have?

  1. Let's start counting.....;) ;)
    Me: 5 so far, 1 amore, 1 inferno, 1 pirata, and 2 paradiso
  2. ooopppsss...double thread. How do I delete?
  3. Ergh. 2 forestas, 10 amores (mostly little bags).
  4. Oooh:push: Well, if you count denaros and portatelefonos, I have 29. Which is about to become 32 when I get my hands on some Spiaggia. But there are a few that I plan to sell eventually.:rolleyes:
  5. I have 1 original, 2 playgrounds, 1 foresta, 1 citta rosa, 1 inferno, 1 paradiso, 1 pirata and 2 amore. So it total up to 10 bags..............

    still wanting spiaggia, tutti, transporto, and holiday print..........:sweatdrop:
  6. I have 1 Amore (Gioco), 1 Foresta (Bambino), 1 Pirata (Mamma Mia) and 1 Inferno (Bambinone). So only four.

    Still want Adios Star Print in Dolce and Stellina and then I'm done till Holiday Prints.:yes:
  7. 1 foresta ciao ciao
    1 foresta denaro
    1 foresta portatelefono
    1 original print denaro
    1 original print mamma
    1 inferno stellina
    1 inferno mamma mia
    1 l'amore bambinone
    1 adios star ciao
    1 cammo black andiamo
  8. I have 25 but am starting to slow down and get just 1 or 2 pieces per season!
  9. 22 including Caramellas and wallets.
  10. Well, I have a Pirata Mamma Mia , Adios Star Gioco and denaro, Amore portatelefono and denaro, a Black cammo Playground Caramella and Spiaggia Scuola (Pulse sent it yesterday) :yahoo:
  11. Citta Ciao
    Inferno Gioco
    Paradisio BV
    Foresta Bella
    Pirata MM
    Amore Campeggio
  12. I only have three...but I'm thinking even of trying to sell/trade one of my BV's since I don't carry it much anymore.
  13. Pirata stellina
    foresta stellina
    adios star stellina
    paradiso bambinone
    amore bambinone
    amore bella
    inferno bella
    original bella bella
    foresta gioco
    pirata zucca

    So ten total, but I definitely want stuff in all the new prints as well, aah!
  14. I don't have anything NEAR what most of these other girlies have:

    - Paradiso denaro, gioco, and BV
    - Inferno denaro, MM, and BV
    - Foresta denaro, bella, and BV
    - Spiaggia denaro and zucca (on it's way)

    So eleven.
  15. Let's see...
    Original Scuola
    Foresta Scuola
    Citta Rosa Scuola
    Inferno Nuvola
    Adios star Canguro
    Citta Rosa Canguro
    Pirate Ciao
    Adios Star Ciao
    Amore Campeggio
    Black Cammo Denaro
    so 10 I guess?