How many people here like the chestnut color?

  1. I really like the mj stripping bowler, but it only comes in chestnut color. What do u thinki of this color? classy enough?
  2. I'm not a huge fan of chestnut overall, but I think it looks great on that bag! I love that it's so sporty looking but really elegant at the same time. :heart:
  3. I love chestnut!!! It reminds me of whiskey a bit too. I think it's a great overall colour because it's nice and casual but really rich & full too!!!
  4. I love the bag but wish it came in a different color. Chestnut is just too casual IMO.
  5. Yes, that's what I think too. I love this bag but the color makes me hesitate to buy it.
  6. I love this bag because of the color. I would only buy it on sale though...
  7. Love the color!! It's gorgeous!
  8. I have Stams in Putty, Bronze and Chestnut. Hands down the Chestnut is the richest color, and the Stam I get the most compliments on.

    It's AMAZING in person, and gorgeous on the Striped Bowler.

    Good Luck!
  9. well, personally, i love the chestnut color. i wud really love to have a stam hobo in that color. it makes the bag look very expensive. lol.
  10. Don't love Chestnut on most styles from Fall 06's Striping line, but it works on this particular style. This runway bag (featured in Fall 2006 Ready-To-Wear show) flew out of MJ boutiques not long after its release. It was the 1st style from this line to sell out.

  11. The MJ Hudson in chestnut is gorgeous. The picts online make the chestnut look weird and orange, but in real life it's a rich, pretty color!
  12. [​IMG]
    Is it more like this color in real life then? If it is I like it better.
  13. i have the hudson in chestnut and i'd say that this is close to the true color.


    IRL the color is gorgeous!! i think the bag is quite elegant, espcially if you wear a lot of black- it allows the bag to really pop.
  14. Has anyone seen this bag on sale anywhere??? Not the Hudson, but the 17x10x8 Striping Zip Bowler..I've only seen it on elux at full price, $1450...and it looks like they have the wrong dimensions listed.
  15. Does the stripping zip bowler come in two sizes?