How many of you have the chance to decorate your work place?

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  1. OK odd question but it struck me. I just got back from a lawyer's affice and she had the entire floor of a building to herself. An amazing office but the decoration :tdown: the environment and ambience were the worst I've ever seen. No sufficient light, no fresh air, people smoking everywhere and those furniture...looking sooo old and worn-out. It was a complete waste of space, when it could have been great...
    And I remember once when I was at university, I went to a ateacher's office and I was stunned! the whole building was grey and dirty (as the offices :tdown:) and once the door opened it was like another world! the most stylish and cozy office ever! how hard is to create that?
    And then it's finally my own work place. I wok in a private school and it's actually filthy... the walls are drawn on, the floor is disgusting and don't get me started with the toilet... And worse and can do nothing about it... It's really bad working somewhere, where you can't feel relaxed and cozy.

    So my point is, do you have the chance to do that? Sorry for the rambling :sweatdrop:
  2. Well, I just have a desk in a space I share with a couple others (I"m a grad student), but I do try to decorate. I have some wedding pictures, some pictures of my cats, and my own calendar. One day when I do have my own office I totally plan to decorate it!
  3. we aren't allowed to decorate our entire offices (i work for the fed government) but if you have your own office or cube, you can decorate those.
  4. I could if I wanted too I guess... maybe once I find a job I can settle into I will...
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    I'm a teacher, so my "work place" is my classroom- and i LOOOVE it! I've been decorating all week (was there for 3 whole days, lol- mind you you are not paid for this of course) with everything that goes along with my subject area. The unchangeables- the wall color, windows, blinds- are pretty gross. I had to paint over the obscenties written on the wall, an insitutional white color. The windows are written on, too, which can't be removed. I'm sure the floor will get dirty by a few months, too, LOL!

    But aside from all of that - I *love* knowing that the classroom is an environment for me and the students, and if we keep it clean, it's a wonderful place. The decorations (all Hispanic/Spanish cultural stuff, their work) makes it feel great; I love my desk, and have pictures on it, drawers for personal stuff, etc. Lots of the cultural decorations are mine from trips and things I've bought, so it feels decorated to my liking, KWIM? I have standard posters from teacher stores, but also flags, huge posters I got while travelling, rugs, pots, banners, dolls, a huuuge collage I made on the 1 bulletin board- seriously- anything that has to do w/ the culture.

    Honestly, even though it's not "decorated" like my home is- it feels like a home away from home :smile: The classrooms in my high school didn't have windows, so this feels so welcoming and refreshing to me with natural lighting & windows overlooking a field! I want to bring in a plant or 2 as well. It's great :smile:
  6. My last full-time, outside the home job, I did try to make my office comfortable for myself. Before we changed locations, my office was very small and cramped, but I tried to keep flowers in there, paintings on the wall, an air freshener plugged in, etc. When we moved and I got an office twice the size of my other one and I put a cute rug on the floor, cushions on my seat, etc. in addition to the other stuff. I don't like the sterile work environment.

    Now I have a home office/ that really doesn't need any elaboration; I'm ALWAYS comfortable there! Now, keeping it neat and clutter-free, well...that's a different story.
  7. I do! I bring in photos, books, pillows, pretty office supplies, etc. It makes me feel more comfortable when I work... almost like I'm not working at all.
  8. Not really decorating in the sense that you're talking about but, at my last work place I helped set up holiday lights around our cubicles and put up a christmas tree with ornaments! It was fun!
  9. ok my dream is to have my own office somewhere (not necessarily big) and be able to decorate it and make my work space worth staying there...
  10. I have my own desk and cubicle, I definitely want to decorate it with pictures and stuff. I just haven't had the time yet. It's a fairly new job and I seem to be constantly busy, so I keep forgetting to bring stuff with me. But I do want to add a few pictures and maybe a pillow for my chair.

    I don't like over-doing the decorations at work. It's your work space after all, I would want it to be professional looking. Plus if I bring too much of "home" with me to work, I might get lazy and start relaxing there too much, and neglect the work. :P
  11. I'm a Fed too, but I work in an amazing courthouse that was built back in the 1920's. The building itself has really beautiful granite and marble with wood mouldings. We get to decorate our personal space however we want to. I am a beach person, so my walls were painted navy blue. I had some of my beach vacation photos enlarged to poster size and I hung them up in white washed wood frames. I brought in some plants from home, a tabletop fountain, and a few candles. My coworkers call it the spa.
  12. I have clocks, pictures, trinket boxes, candles, etc. in my office.
  13. I decorate my cubie!!!
  14. i have some photos and notes up at my desk (my workspace area is soooo tiny)
  15. just wanted to add that the best furnishing for a deskspace is an amazing bag. that's sufficient decoration for a tpf-er no matter what ;)