How many mm is your Eternity or half Eternity band? Please post pics!

  1. What a gorgeous picture! Your wedding set is stunning!
  2. :hbeat::smooch: Thank you pandapharm!
  3. So pretty and elegant!
  4. Thanks, please pm me if you find the info, I'd love to see if this is cheaper than a custom band :graucho:
  5. Excellent! I don't usually wear my rings at home, hell I haven't worn them now it almost a full week, not even the plain one. I didn't want to deal with that with my crazy week.

    LOVE. The photo is fantastic!
  6. Loving this thread, gorgeous rings ladies.
  7. What size ring do you wear? I have short fat fingers has well. I wear a size 9 and 3mm is a good width to wear alone.
  8. Has anything caught your eye, sjunky?

  9. No! Between the upgrade and no wedding ring. I am soo confused and laying low from it for now.
  10. [​IMG]

    I don't know what mine is but it has 24 diamonds and 1.35ct eternity. Probably btw 2.5-2.8mm if you measure the width of the band itself, and not the diameter of the stone? Ring size 4, but the ring is 4.25. It's a little too loose for my liking, but when I stack it with my wedding band, it's A-OK!
  11. Looks AMAZING on your hand. By the math they should be 5-6 pts each so probably 2.6ishmm not including any metal. Your estimate sounds right, but damn it looks massive on your tiny fingers.
  12. Thanks Ame! I love it, but it really has to be worn either with my wedding band or alone because it totally overpowers my e-ring. :sad:
  13. Yea that's a shame too. It's amazing. Maybe wear it with a couple plain ones?

    I "learned that" the hard way too. At least at this stone size, my ering is totally overwhelmed by anything wider than 2mm. The flyer and this Tiffany ring are the two nicest looking ones with it. If only the metro came in Plat...
  14. Yeah, and even though my ring is a bit over 2mm, the setting is high so it looks even more overwhelming! LOL If it sat lower, like in a "U" shaped setting, it might just be okay. Regardless, it was a good price and I love it because hubby picked it out all by himself! Total shocker right here!