How many mm is your Eternity or half Eternity band? Please post pics!

  1. Hi there,

    My wedding ring is approx. 3.5 mm and 2 ct set in platinum. It is a half eternity, I wanted a full eternity but my jeweller talked me out of it as it will be worn everyday.
  2. I have a 2.2 mm and a 2.5 mm. I wear both stacked with my e-ring, so the size is just perfect. (My ring size is 4.5.)
    If I would wear an eternity band on my right hand, though, I would go bigger.
  3. My wedding ring is a full eternity band, a little less than 3mm wide, 1.21ctw, size 6 ring size. Hope this helps!
  4. Have a 1.5ct solitaire/4.5 ring size worn with a full eternity chanel set band.
    Looked at 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm but 2.5mm worked best in terms of proportion with the knife edge band of the engagement ring.
  5. Here's mine - eternity is 3mm (2cttw), and the gold band is Tiffany Bezet, which is 2.6mm.

  6. Hi ya :hugs:
    If you want a thinner band but still high karat weight, why not go with something other than RBs in an eternity? I've seen some asscher eternity bands that were TDF!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaay more impressive (to me at least) then a band with RBs & since they have a much smaller table for thier weight - you can fit them into a narrower band....

    Food for though :graucho:
  7. My wedding set is 3mm for the half-eternity and 3mm for the engagement which is also a half eternity with a raised center stone. I wear 5.5 size, my fingers are short and chubby and I find this width just right.
    I agree with Lola though, the asscher or even the emerald cut ones are tdf on eternity. For that I would go 5-6mm to be worn on my right hand.
  8. This looks perfect! Thanks!
    Your rings are stunning! LOVES!
    Hi Doll! How are you? Feeling well I hope? I never thought of that. Hmmm

    I know I do not want to wear it on my right hand at all. I want it next to my E ring!
    Although in the future that sounds like a dream! I just have so many RHR's I love to wear.
  9. I'm not bad, thanks for asking :hugs:
    Soooo...... what did you decide????
  10. We just brought our wedding band today, mine is Tiffany 3mm shared setting band, its so pretty and sparkling! Can't officially wear it though...
  11. It looks gorgeous! Am also still counting down till I can officially wear my band. As a matter of interest, what's the size of your finger and solitaire?
  12. My finger size is 6, though I went half size bigger for the band (my fingers a bit swollen due to the summer heat). My solitaire is 1.13ct.
  13. Thanks! Hmmm, you've reminded me to go try my band cos it was bought in winter.
  14. I have a couple. This one is about 5.5 cttw, set in platinum. It's approximately 5mm at its widest. I love looking at it, it sparkles like crazy, but it's quite uncomfortable. The diamonds are a little too big (NEVER thought I'd ever complain about that!) so it pries my fingers apart a bit. It's actually quite annoying!