How many mm is your Eternity or half Eternity band? Please post pics!

  1. Wow! Yea my DH would not DARE. It looks awesome on it's own!
  2. My fingers are really chubby too.. I wear a size 7. Mine is a bit over 2mm.. custom made in 18k wg... full eternity band.
    New Image.JPG
  3. Seeing your band I was thinking what a dainty band. Then scrolling down to then pic with your fabulous E ring ,it was like BAM , here it is !

    They both are fabulous !!
    PS - loving your Cartier !
  4. Both are beautiful!
  5. My half eternity is about 3mm. It's very comfortable and is the same width as my engagement ring band.

    ETA: Sorry for the big pic..

  6. You ladies ever feel that the rings end up looking smaller? I know shrinkage syndrome hits with E-rings sometimes, but now, I think it hits with diamond bands too!

    It felt "big" to me before, but now, it feels like it fits me. LOL
  7. Shrinkage definitely hits. Bands, studs, necklaces...My bands so far have always been too big til now. But the ering I have serious shrinking again lol
  8. Here is my eternity band. My DH surprised me back in march and had this made. My original band was just one row with a bar setting and I lost a diamond out of it. So we took it in to our jeweler (who hadn't made the original) and when we went to pick it up I was surprised with this double row, 7 ct ring. He said he had always planned to upgrade me and felt it was the perfect time!

  9. aaaahhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuugaaaa! WOW!
  10. That is absolutely gorgeous, I totally love it!
  11. Thank you ame and Lady Tara! I never wear my E-ring so I like having a more substantial wedding band. I'm still getting used to the size and it's surprisingly very comfortable
  12. wow thats beautiful!
  13. :smooch: Thanks girl!!
  14. Mine is 3.5 mm but when I got it I thought it was huge, now it feels smaller and more "normal". I wear a size 7. It's a 5ct full eternity.
  15. gorgeous!!! definitely a perfect size :smile: