How many LV returns have you done lately & why?

  1. I have recently returned my Azur Speedy 30 because I know I will never use it. I am so afraid of vachetta and light colors. I need to get over this soon!! :sad:
  2. awww...too bad. the speedy in azur is one of the nicest speedies IMO. i have it in 25 and it's really not high maintenance at all.
    anyway, i haven't returned anything but i have sold one lv i bought last year. it was the mono speedy 30. it just felt too big for me.
  3. Never returned anything, never exchanged anything, and I don't think I ever will. If I'm not dedicated to buying something, I just wouldn't buy it. Saves me time and saves my SA's time.
  4. i returned a diamer Belem PM and top up for the MC priscilla. However, kinda of regret it. The MC priscilla is a real nice piece but i still like the cute Belem. Will save up to get it again.
  5. As I have said before, I do not believe in returns. I compare buying an LV to purchasing a car. It is an investment, and people should do their homework and think it through before buying an LV. How many people buy a car and then return it within fourteen days because they did not like it or changed their minds?
  6. I can't imagine ever returning any of my LV purchases. I never have and don't ever see myself doing so. My SA works very hard for me and I want her to think of the purchases I make...not returns.
  7. I am going to return my Denim Cruise scarf because I didn't know there was a Denim Cruise Bandana. I had purchased the Bandana in LV yesterday, so I need to return the scarf to e-luxury. I see nothing wrong with returning something that I don't like or is a wrong item, especially a lot of people buy LVs off eluxury, so there could have chances that people don't like the items and return them. :yes:
  8. Can i ask what bag you have your heat stamp on ?

  9. This is why I don't purchase bags off of E-Luxury. I don't want an item or a bag that has been returned, If I buy off of e-bay, I know I am getting a used bag. If I buy at the boutique, I always ask if my purchase is something that was returned - but know that it has been looked at very carefully by an SA prior to accepting it back. At E-Luxury, the thought that someone in a warehouse did a check - then put it back for re-sale is not comforting to me. I think this goes on - on a huge scale at E-luxury. The shear number of posts I've seen here about people returning things to E-luxury and the people who have mentioned that they got a bag someone here on the forum returned due to it being defective (same misalignment or something) tells me that E-luxury has no problem with taking a bag returned for that and immediately re-selling it.

    I don't purchase from E-luxury at all just for this reason. I just don't think someone working in a warehouse has the same interest in LV bags - in terms of inspecting them. They clearly take back everything (very liberal return policy). I imagine they resell everything that is returned. If I'm going to spend that much on a brand new LV, I would like to be sure it is either brand new, or that it has been personally inspected by an LV sales assistant.

    Just my little rant. LOL!
  10. Only once and it was also in the Azur range. I was on the waiting list for about 2months just before Xmas. I finally got it but it say in its box for a week, in fear that I would get it dirty.
  11. My first LV purchase I returned within a week, it was a transparent inclusion bracelet, I put it on to show everyone the day i got it, put it in the box and bag and didnt even get it out again, so i returned it!

    Absolutley nothing wrong with exchanging and returning items! LV do not mind anyway! They are not losing out on money because you just get a credit note, no biggy!
  12. That kind of return is fine. I'm talking about people that use a bag for a few weeks, then decide - oops - don't like it. LV is tightening up its return policies solely for that reason - because they are losing a lot of money on those types of returns. Granted they give a credit note, but the original bag that got returned typically can't be resold except at a loss at an employee sale.

    The person that returns it uses their credit note to purchase another new bag, but the original bag is a monetary loss for LV, and is a loss to a new customer if it is resold because they are not getting a brand new bag.

    I would actually really like it if LV was kind of like some clothing manufacturers. If the tag is off, no return. That way, people could inspect it, try it on, but a non-removable tag would be on there that you have to cut off. If it's off - no return unless the item is clearly found to be defective. If it's been worn and used for several weeks, can't be returned.

    It's just personal and I know some people don't mind, but I don't want to pay a premium, very high price, for a high end luxury item that someone else has used for several weeks. I'll buy on e-bay for a used item (and I do sometimes - and love them). I just don't want to pay full price for used.

    Drives me nuts to see posts about bags being used for weeks and then returned. I keep wondering what poor soul got the bag at full price later on. I just wouldn't do that.
  13. I got my scarf on the Saturday and I only took photos of it, so I will return it today though. I definitely don't like to receive an item that had been use for more than 2 weeks (kinda ridiculous to return a bag after 2 weeks:push:smile:, but if I can't find out the bag had been used that is fine with me.
  14. i returned my first azur speedy because it was damaged. otherwise i've kept everything i bought. i thought about returning a bandeau that i bought and still havent used but my SA talked me in to keeping it. i'll wear it someday i'm sure.
  15. I havent returned any of my LV. The only LV I sold on eBay is my epi pochette but thats because I dont use small bags that often and I have my Chanel pochettes.
    Love my LVs.