How many BV wallets does one need?

  1. Okay - so i've lost my mind. For years I spend money on my bags - and had a nice - but modest wallet in my bag - now i've become a accessories whore.:roflmfao:

    * Black continental wallet
    * Black zip around wallet
    * Violet (parma) zip around wallet
    * black small zip around coin purse

    All were from Bluefly, with an additional 20% off the already discounted price.

    So what would you keep? Does anyone have more than one BV wallet? I know this is excessive - humm, what to do now? I guess i'll wait until they arrive and check them out.

    What would you do?
  2. In my defense:

    - I like that the zip arounds can be used as clutches.
    - I like that the continetal is smaller and fits in my Veneta so well.
    - I like the teeny zip around as a wallet for a small bag, i.e. my Balenciaga classique...
    - Oh, and I couldn't pass up a parma (purple) colored item.

    hummm - still stuck.
  3. LOVE your accessories collection!
    I would keep all of them except one of the larger black wallets! I would probably return the black zip around wallet and keep the black continental, since you have the violet in the zip around.... I think in black, the continental is more classy! Unless you truly prefer the zip around style, then keep the zip around in black!

    The small zip will come in handy on those days that you don't want to carry around much...or will fit in an evening purse like your lovely bal. flat brass first :graucho: or a clutch easily without taking up too much space!

    I currently have two BV wallets...a peach continental (the square one...) and as you already know, a violet zip around wallet.
  4. I guess it's the same question as "how many bags does one need?" For me the answer is as many as what would make me happy. (Of course, it would have to be ok with my DH and with our finances too).

    Besides, you had a good deal on Bluefly with all of them. So if you can afford them, I say keep them all!:yes:
  5. Oooh! Didn't think of your first point! Yes, the zip around...esp. in black will make such a beautiful evening clutch...certainly is big enough to pass as one!

    LOL! We had the same thought about the small zip fitting in your Bbag! Since we both LOVE BBAGS, too!

    ITA! Who can pass up a parma BV? I couldn't pass up my chance to own one either! ;)
  6. To anwer ya question, as many as one can afford! :graucho:
  7. ^^I like that answer!:jammin:

    Seriously though - do other ladies have more than wallet?

    Like your:
    *smaller wallet
    *your hold everything wallet
    *a different colored wallet?
    :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
  8. Not me.

    I already have problems with transfering all my everyday stuff between bags, so I really can't handle another wallet. :shame:
  9. For daily use, I carry the same wallet and a coin purse in my handbag (regardless of which bag I switch around). My current LV Damier french wallet has been in use for the past 5 years :nuts: - to be replaced by the BV Pergamena french wallet as soon as I am brave enough to start using a light colour wallet. :sweatdrop:

    I do have other wallets for use during travel (a large & hardy Naf Naf zip-around that fits passport – about the size as BV’s large continental zip around) and for holding different currencies (a black Gucci canvas/leather french wallet). Hmm... note the preference for french wallets LOL.

    Having said that, I now have at the back of my mind, the Ebano intrecciato continental wallet (with 8 card slots and coin zip around). :graucho:
  10. beaux, what did you decide on wallets? I'm trying to decide between a quarzo continental/check wallet & french purse. Neither seem as convenient as the zip-around I'm replacing (non-BV) but I was trying to go smaller. I can't figure out where to put cash in the continental/check wallet since the slots are so narrow and I don't want to dirty the leather (I don't use a checkbook) but the big back section seems soooooo large. :shrugs: On the other hand, the french purse doesn't have much room for receipts & such. Perhaps I shouldn't have passed on the quarzo zip-around. :confused1: Anyway, enough of my whine.

    So what did you choose and why? AND what stuff do you stick where??? LOL! *flunked Wallet101*
  11. ^^I was in the exact same boat. I have used zip around wallet for years - and I thought i'd go with something new too.

    CONTINETAL SNAP WALLET - I love the lady like look of this wallet. I must admit I was worried about the switch over from my larger zip around - but it hasn't been bad. I don't carry my checkbook in mine either. I put cash in one of the longer pockets and a "hidden $20" in the large back section. It does take longer to put cash in and out than a zip style, but the profile is slimmer and prettier I think. I also think the credit cards are way easier to get to than a zip wallet, so there's an upside too!

    ZIP AROUND BV WALLETS - these are pretty close in size to my old wallet. I couldn't resist the parma/violet color. This is nice when I want a pop or color - or when I need to stuff my wallet more. I also use these more as a grab and go clutch. Not as glamorous - but very useful.

    ZIP AROUND CARD CASE - this is too small for any wallet activity for me - but great for holding my work i.d. card and my ipod earphones (if I only had a nano - it would fit so well in there!)

    So all in all no one wallet is perfect for everything (for me) but I do love them all. :heart:

    I thought about getting a french wallet when they added those this week - but I decided that they're too small for me.

    Here's a photo of my wallet heaven (in case you missed my 5 million other photos! haha). Please post a photo of your wallets, i'd love to see PINK!


  12. A couple more thoughts:

    * I really love the continental because it's something different than what i'd used for years. I forgot to mention the "snap" - I just love that detail, it's just a very classy wallet, imo!

    * I was VERY surprised to learn how popular zip around wallets have become. When I purchased mine 6 years ago, it was a new design - and at the time NO high end retailer (chanel, bv, bottega) had wallets that zipped all the way around. Now all of them do. I hate to admit that one of the reasons I purchased the black BV zip around is because I tried and tried to get one from Saks for over a month with no luck - only to have personal shoppers, etc. tell me that it was sold out - not in stock, period. I held onto mine because I know that i'll use it eventually (I love black) - it's a style that I like and is familiar to me, and i'm worried that if I passed on it I wouldn't be able to fine another one (let alone one with an additional 35% off).

    All that being said I think the continental is really beautiful. I'd love another one in a darker color - maybe red or green. :heart:

    If you're used to a zip, i'd stick with the continental - I think the french is just too small. jmo
  13. Gah, I love your violet zip! Okay, I'll have to snap pics of the Pink Posse.

    Love your wallet feedback and it's all so true. :yes: Perhaps if my continental snap were ebano or black I wouldn't worry as much about money-dirt rubbing on the leather - but heck, after all this BV spending, who has cash?? :upsidedown: My first instinct was for the french wallet for the shorter back pocket, but now I'm leaning back towards continental for it's clutch-like presence in a pinch and receipt-stuffing capacity (but again, no $$ should = no receipts!!).

    So you're keeping the whole bunch? I'm like you - hard to let go once those babies hit the front stoop, especially on sale!
  14. ^^I know, they were 20% off to begin with then I had another 20% off code. I went a little ahem..crazy. I know I don't need 3 They're all so beautiful and well made. I'm not joking when I said I had to sit on my hands this week. I had the both versions of pink wallets in my basket at some point this past week - but i let them all go. Even I had to draw the line somewhere.

    I guess I started out wanting the zip around but couldn't find it ANYWHERE, so I then got the continental - then when the zip arounds came up I went for it (since I originally wanted those) now i've fallen for all of them. I like that the continental has that hidden back compartment though - and the divided coin section too. I also like having more than one so that they'll all last longer (how's that for a rationalization!! hehe)