How many bags do you have?

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  1. I have 5 big sisters who married rich. I had like to think I have access to all the good bags and shoes to.
    Personally I have about 26 bags, but counting the bags I have unrestricted access to, let's say about 250bags.
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    I have twelve bags in different shapes and colors. Five spring/summer bags, one colorblock that can be worn in early fall, five fall/winter bags and one bag I mainly use for those large and formal party's. All my bags are colorcoordinated with my closet, and match everything. I also have MK shoes and other shoes that match the color of my bags, I prefer that the shoes/bags match eachother. I also add designer scarves in silk/cashmere from Holzweiler and Hérmes that takes up the colors in my outfit/bag/shoes. That's enough for me, I get to use all of my bags throughout the year.
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  3. I try to do the same with mine! I have five fall/winter (although my dark dune jet set gets carried all seasons), four spring/summer, and six crossbody/ going out bags. I feel like I have too many cross bodies but two are super inexpensive vegan bags, one was a gift, and two are colorful. So I get use out of all of them!
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  4. I'm new to MK I got two today one I don't know the name of and the other is Hamilton. I also have two Coach I sold lots as I was moving overseas
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  5. I'm getting back into Coach now . I don't like there new stuff, but I love the Madison phoebes and am thinking of looking on eBay for some. Do you still have/carry your MK selmas? I still adore my jet set totes, but haven't been carrying my saffiano satchels as much. I like my medium Riley more.
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  6. All my Michael Kors bags:

    •Large Fuchsia Purple Jet Set
    •Large Cornflower Blue Jet Set
    •Small Metallic Pale Gold Jet Set
    •Black Studded Selma
  7. I'm the opposite in that the new Coach designs, particularly 1941, lured me to Coach. I love them but my bank account doesn't. I sold my Selmas but kept my large luggage. I haven't carried it in months but normally pull it out in the Fall. I plan to keep this one since I still love it. I sold my medium Riley since I purchased similar colors from Dooney and Coach that I liked more... :smile:
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  8. Yes, :love: Coach 1941. Stuart Vevers made sure Coach got all my splurge money this year...and there is still five months to go :frown:
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  9. Ok, note to self...don't visit the Coach website and get sucked in lol!!! I find myself being more drawn to soft leather again. And Coach has the best soft leather!!!! However, I love the structure and room of my jet sets and still carry those a lot. I think I'm going to sell my mandarin selma. The medium size is really cramped for me. I'm going to hold on to my pearl grey selma because it's just so damn pretty . I don't want to get rid of my Riley because it was so hard to find the medium peanut and I know I'll never find it again if I regret letting it go.

    I'm looking at like three different colors in the Coach phoebe though, so I may have to sell something .
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  10. This thread (and a friend's request) prompted me to take a photo of my current collection. This doesn't include the ones I'm trying to sell but it did convince me to list a couple more last night! This makes me want to remember to shop my closet!

    Attached Files:

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  11. #56 Jul 9, 2017
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    Okay, time to do another inventory...
    MK - 6 large Selmas, 2 large Hamilton totes, 1 large Sutton, 2 large Miranda totes, 2 Berkley clutches, 1 Sedona messenger, 1 n/s Izzy tote
    Chanel - 1 maxi classic flap (vintage)
    LV - 1 Brea GM, 1 Galliera GM, 1 Alma MM
    Halston Heritage - 1 foldover tote
    + LV accessories (business card holder, key pouch, Zippy Organizer wallet)
    I hope I'm not missing anything. So total now comes to: 20 bags + accessories
    EDIT: I forgot my Coach gathered leather Abigail, so that makes 21 bags + accessories :smile:
  12. I have around 15 now, which I'm thinking to sell some MK and Coach soon :
    MK Sutton (grape)
    MK Bedford (cinder)
    MK Selma stud (Red)
    MK Grayson (brown signature)
    MK Kellen (pearl grey)

    MBMJ q baby groove
    MBMJ little Ukita (bright pink)

    COACH Phoebe Madison jacquard needlepoint
    COACH Edie 31 (soft pink)
    COACH (luggage)
    COACH crossbody (dark brown)

    Longchamp Neo (Peony)

    Fossil crossbody (brown)

    Hedgren (black crossbody)

    OROTON tote (navy)
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    As I am off this week and doing a little thrifting I thought I'd try to revive this thread.

    I have 51 purses.
    23 are Longchamp
    9 are Brooks Brothers
    9 are old school Hayden Harnett
    The remainder are varied--MK, Via Spiga, Ted Baker, Brahmin, etc.

    My DH has been trying to convince me to cut the number in half. Maybe I am ready.

    But what do you do with your old bags? Do you give them to Dress for Success or sell them?