How many bags do you have?

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  1. Thanks, it is frustrating.. you can no longer choose bags based on what you like so much more has to come into play.
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    Too many? That's probably not the correct answer here!
    In rotation depending on season:
    Jet Set Zip Tote tote - Grape
    Large Selma - aquamarine
    Large Selma - dark dune
    Large Selma - fuchsia
    Medium Sutton - Iris
    Medium Sutton - Steel Gray
    Large Greenwich satchel - Pearl gray
    Medium Bedford buckle satchel - dark taupe
    Large Corrine hobo - Dove
    Large Riley - navy/black
    Large Riley - Sky blue
    Medium Grayson - brown mono, gift & will not part with.

    Wanted to love but unfortunately do not:
    Large Savannah - lilac

    (13 everyday bags)

    Weekend/evening bags:
    Medium Selma messenger - raspberry studs
    Medium Selma messenger - dove/lilac
    Small Sutton - electric blue
    Medium Cindy - black cross stitch
    Small/tiny Jules bucket bag - brown mono
    Small/tiny Jules bucket bag - vanilla

    (6 weekend bags)

    Large jet set reversible tote - mono/animal print
    (1 work MK)

    Other brands:
    Longchamp - 2 large totes (work)
    2 small long handles
    1 medium short handle
    1 small short handle
    2 Neo small satchels (one was a gift for my mom but she gave it back )

    (7 LC)

    Probably about 6 & I don't use them anymore.

    Yikes! 33 total & I didn't even know until I just listed them, although as stated not all are being used.
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    May I ask why you don't love Savannah in lilac? Is it the color or the bag?
  4. I only have 4 , used to be 5 but sold one recently.

    - MK Hamilton
    - LV neverfull mm
    - LV artsy Gm
    - Celine Nano

    My next purchase will hopefully be a SLG :smile:
  5. 50+ total, over 20+ are mk
  6. I have 10 total, 3 non MK, 7MK:

    Large Selma Dark Khaki
    Medium Selma's in Dark Dune, Blush and Black with silver studs.
    Medium Selma messenger in Blush with gold studs.
    Jet Set cross body bags in Pale Pink and Dark Dune.

    I'd still like to add a Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body to the mix!;)
  7. Lilac is beautiful. I was thinking the Savannah was going to replace the Sutton (which I love). It isn't as easy to get in and out of or as functional as the Sutton, IMO.
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  8. Most of my bags are MK, so far I have

    Suttons in black, luggage and coral.

    Selma messengers in deep pink, coral and black with quilted studs.

    My work tote is unbranded and really takes a beating as its in our communal coffee room and I have some other cheapie cross body's that I really should let go to the charity as I will always go for my MK now
  9. Right now I have 7 Coach bags (phoebe, bennett satchel, hologram city tote, 2 signature bags (1 zoe, the other I can't remember) all the rest ae leather and 5 MK bags (hamilton, bedford bowling satchel, selma, julia messenger, and taryn).

    I have 1 Brahmin, 1 Dooney and Bourke, 1 brown leather foldover from Italy and then 2 Vera Bradley, 2 Thirty one, and several messenger/computer bags.

    Just recently got the MK bags, so on a pause for now while I get to really use and know them!
  10. I have ...

    1 Coach swagger 21

    1 Charles and Keith

    3 Michael Kors (mini ava, small tilda and large hamilton)

    3 zara bags

    Around 7 random bags

    4 Longchamp bags

    1 Aigner vintage

    1 Chanel maxi vintage #3

    1 Gucci bella

    2 Balenciaga (edge mini and work ghw)

    3 Louis Vuitton (tate, tullum and pallas)

    2 Chloe (drew and faye in medium size)

    1 Fendi by the way mini


    I have problem!

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    I did a count today while rearranging my purse closet. I seriously need a bigger closet for my bags.:rolleyes: I have at least 44. I know I have more around here. Here's a breakdown:
    MK- 20 (soon to be 21 once the new addition arrives which will bring it to 20 bags & 1 change zip. I should look into buying some MK wallets)
    Fendi- 2 for now ( I gave a 3rd one to my SIL because it was too small for my needs.)
    LV - 2 (1 bag, 1 checkbook wallet)
    Prada- 1 (gave the smaller one to SIL because she loved it so much)
    Coach- 8 (4 bags, 3 checkbook wallets, & 1 change purse wristlet)
    D&B 1 (my favorite D&B bag from the 80's)
    Brahmin- 5 bags (2 bags are vintage 80's)
    B Markowsky- 5 (these are the workhorse bags. Older bags from about 8-10 yrs ago so not very expensive but the leather is awesome & they have really held up well considering the abuse they've taken. These are the bags I use when my husband & I go off road Jeeping & camping. If they get beat up, it's ok.)

    I'm shopping around for a Givenchy Antigona deal & also for a Chloe. I've also seen another Prada that I like but need to be sure of the size. I'm also checking out Massaccesi bags from Italy. They will custom make you a beautiful bag in fine Italian leather. I prefer large bags because they suit my needs for what I carry .:eek::eek::eek: I think I have a bag addiction to go along with my jewelry addiction.:smile:
  12. 4 Contemporary bags. I have one MK Hamilton N/S, one Jet Set tote, a Jet Set messenger, and one Kate Spade outlet satchel. All Saffiano or patent, because now that I've experienced the magic of Saffiano and bags that hold up to anything I can't trust myself to untreated leather. The only other bag I use frequently is a Lucky messenger bag that's just a very small saddle bag for running errands with just wallet and keys. I want another tote/satchel for work and maybe a medium size handbag like a KS Maise since I don't have anything in that size.
  13. I have a eclectic mix of bags. So far I have 3 MKs: the Leigh bag in Tan, the Romy Medium Suede Crossbody in Blue (indigo), and the Small Savannah in Grapefruit Pink. I have 4 Coach bags: a black pebbled leather bucket bag I got at the outlet a few years ago (can't find the name of the bag), the small Bennett satchel in a teal color, a Signature Sophia in burgundy and gold, and a mini black leather flap wristlet. I also have 2 Banana Republic bags, 3 JustFab bags, a m0851 black leather tote, the Kate Spade Treesh in Red, the Burberry Small Nova Check shoulder bag, the Matt and Nat Katherine backpack in Chili, and about 5 other non-designer bags I brought back from trips or bought on eBay/Etsy; some of them are leather, others are canvas or pleather. So, all in all, around 20 bags.

    I try to rotate, but I mostly use my Matt and Nat backpack for work, my trusty black bucket bag (this one has taken a beating and is still in great shape!) and my tan MK bag as every day purses, and my small Coach wristlet as a going out bag. This makes me realize I should enjoy my collection more... and that I may have too much bags :smile:
  14. My MK collection:
    -Jet Set Travel Continental Wallet in Pearl Grey
    -Adele Double-Zip Around Wallet in Ballet
    -another small wallet in Silver (can't remember the style)
    -a little cosmetic pouch in Ballet (can't remember the style
    -medium Selma in Pear
    -medium Selma in Cement with gunmetal hardware
    -medium Selma in Black with grommets
    -medium Selma in Ballet with studs
    -medium Selma in Silver (not saffiano)
    -large lizzard embossed Selma in Silver (not saffiano)
    -medium patchwork Selma Messenger in Pale Pink
    -medium perforated Selma Messenger in Black/Nickel
    -small Sutton in Aquamarine
    -small Jet Set Travel Tote in Neon Yellow
    -medium Camille Satchel in Écru
    -small Bedford Gusset Crossbody in Raspberry
    -small Dillon in Pearl Grey
    -medium Jet Set Travel Tote in Silver
    -medium Hamilton Traveler in Black
    -medium Jet Set Chain Gathered Tote in Black
    -medium Jet Set Chain Gathered Tote in Cherry(?)
    -large Bedford Messenger in Black
    -another bag with chains in Black (can't remenber the style
    -medium Vivian Woven Tote in Dark Dune
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  15. That's an awesome collection!