How many bags do you have?

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  1. Hi just for fun. How many bags do you have total from premiere, contemporary designers, or any other bags.
  2. Ummmm, off the top of my head, I know I have over 30, but not sure of exact numbers. Most are Coach and that number is in the 20's, MK is second with a total of 6 and I have one Kate Spade.
  3. 16
  4. Around 30 or so. Not sure of the exact count.
  5. About 50..., I am currently trying to downsize 😉
  6. I only own contemporary bags now for total of 7--5 of which are Coach.

    I used to fluctuate between 9-15 but I am trying to stay at or less than 10.
  7. This is the perfect amount I want to be at, imo.
  8. I currently have 10. 8 MK and 2 Coach. I don't want to go over this number but I want to add one more in the Fall.

    I honestly prefer to have around 8 bags to rotate....:smile:
  9. 3: jet set tote; zipped tote; Selma (which is my fav!)
  10. 11. All of them are MK😍.
  11. Only 2 Givenchy Antigona and Chanel Le Boy. Working on getting some sort of rare Chanel flap soon, though
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  12. I have 18 bags
    5 hamiltons
    4 Suttons
    2 totes
    2 vintage Gucci bags
    1 Gucci tote
    1 Boston Gucci
    3 Kate Spade bags
    Going to sell some bags this summer especially the Hamiltons. Too big for me.
  13. I have 20 MK bags, 3 wallets, 1 cosmetic case and 3 bag charms.

    And then i have about 30 non designer bags.
  14. Overall? i thought you were going to ask by MK.. :lol:

    Um, 10? yeah.. i am not heavy in the bag department and frankly, given my nerve issues now? only... 3 maybe 4 i can wear, 4th caused pain last go so i have just given up with it for now... not sure whether it was just a coincidence.

    I do have some wristlets, a card holder, some pouches, fobs/charms and so forth...
  15. So so sorry to hear about your nerve condition! That must be frustrating having to carry certain bags. Hope you get better!