How many bags do you have?

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  1. #31 Jun 25, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2016
    I addee these 5 items to my collection 2 days ago:

    -small card holder in Lilac
    -Jet Set Tech Wristlet in Canary
    -Jet Set Travel Large Crossbody in Canary
    -Corinne Medium Metallic Embossed Leather Crossbody in Dark Silver
    -small Greenwich Bucket Bag in Optic White with navy interior

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  2. #32 Apr 22, 2017
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2017
    I know this is old, but I thought I'd update.
    Writing this out helps me figure out what I have/need and no longer want. I want to get to a place where I use and love everything I have. I also don't want to feel overwhelmed and am trying to put myself in check.

    This new status leaves me with:
    Keepers for everyday bags:
    2 Selma's
    1 Bedford
    1 Riley
    1 Greenwich
    4 Coach (new additions)
    1 Balenciaga (new addition)

    1 - Sold
    3 - Thinking of Selling
    2 - Currently on the chopping block
    1 - Not in rotation but keeping for sentimental reasons (I won't use this in my usage count).
    Total: 10 everyday bags in rotation depending on season.
    Or total: 13 if I choose not to sell the three I'm on the fence about.

    Weekend/Evening bags:
    1- Balenciaga First - light grey (new addition)
    1- Balenciaga Hip - purple (new addition)
    1- Sutton small - Electric Blue
    1- Cindy small - Black cross-stitched
    2 - Sold
    1 - On chopping block
    1 - Keeping for sentimental reasons but not counting in my usage total.
    Total: 4
    I am very comfortable with this section of my bags!!!

    Work Bags:
    1 - MK work bag
    2 - LC work bags/beach bags/carefree bags
    Total: 3
    I'm fine with this section.

    Selling 1
    Keeping the rest (not including the 2 work bags in this section).
    2 - SLH
    1 - MSH
    1 - SSH
    1 - Small Neo (new navy)
    Total: 5
    These are used when needed for a totally carefree bag, in different sizes for all occasions. They don't take up space so I am not counting them in my usage daily/weekend counts. I am fine with this section but do not need anymore LC's.

    As stated above, my old Coaches that haven't seen the light of day in YEARS are being donated/given to friends.

    This leaves me with 13 everyday bags unless I sell 3.

    4 weekend/evening bags

    3 work bags

    Total: 20 bags (or 25 with 5 LC's).

    Ok I don't feel as overwhelmed as I did before I typed this. Sorry for the long post, but it certainly helped me . Thanks!
  3. You've actually downzized! Glad you are happy with current collection! I sold some bags but then picked up a few Kate spade and now lost interest in collecting bags. Just enjoying what I have.
  4. Wow! That must be an excellent feeling to just enjoy your collection!! Congrats!! That is my goal! Congrats on the Kate Spade newbies too!! She has some seriously fun & nice designs.
    I have a few still on the chopping block so I didn't count them in my totals and a few more I'm currently deciding on keeping or letting go, but overall - in the very distant future - I want to add one Balenciaga City bag and I really want to just stop and enjoy!
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  5. #35 May 6, 2017
    Last edited: May 6, 2017
    My collection:
    Errand/Going Out/ Evening Bags:
    2 MK Jet Set Messengers (Black, Cherry)
    1 MK Small Ava (Blush)
    1 MK Mini (Extra-Small) Ava (Blush)
    1 RM Mini MAC (Black)
    1 RM Love Crossbody (Black)

    Work Bags:
    1 MK Jet Set Tote (Dark Dune)
    1 MK Medium Ava (Antique Rose)
    1 MK Medium Florence (Black)
    1 MK Small Cynthia (Blush)
    1 MK Small Sutton (Dusty Rose)
    1 CK Dressy Tote (Black)

    SLGs and non-leather pieces:
    2 MK Jet Set Long Wallets (Dark Dune, Plum)
    1 MK Trifold Wallet (Antique Rose)
    1 MK Folding Wallet/Card Holder (forgot the name) (Antique Rose)
    1 MK Folding Card Holder (Antique Rose)
    1 MK Card Holder (Pale Pink)
    1 MK Key Fob (Blush)
    1 Coach Wristlet
    1 Coach Key Pouch
    1 Coach Lanyard

    I also have a few no-name crossbodies lying around. I have been interested in adding the MK Large Jet Set Tote to my collection for work, but now that I've listed everything, I feel a bit overwhelmed! I also didn't realize that I tended to collect either black or pink items. But I also love every single bag and rotate them regularly so there's no way I'm going to sell any. I guess this means I should stop, but it's hard!
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  6. Nice collection! I think that it's very manageable what you have. I love Mk card holders too. Pink and black go with many outfits! I have a lot of blossom and raspberry colors. I'm enjoying my collection since the new Mk bags are not attractive to me.
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  7. My humble collection consists of 5 MK bags, and 5 Kate Spade bags plus a KS coin purse :smile:
    I'm feeling a new addition quite soon though as it's been a while since I bought a new bag!
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  8. That is a nice collection! Easy to manage. Please post new addition!
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  9. I have 2 Michael kors pebbled leather Hamiltons
    3 medium selmas
    2 Selma messengers
    1 mini Selma (in the process in selling as it is too small)
    1 jet set crossbody
    1 Bedford satchel
    1 Susanna crossbody

    2 Rebecca Minkoff Bags

    2 Marc Jacobs bags

    2 Chloe - a Marcie and a drew

    1 coach - my beater bag lol

    I really feel I need to downsize somewhere as it is just all too much for me now! My husband says sell all the MK and buy another nice one that I really want.
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  10. Medium sutton: grey and butter for work
    small sutton: grey
    jet set travel tote: black
    black quilted crossbody with gold hardware
    mini ava: blush
    want to get the medium blackstudio, just waiting for discount
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  11. I agree with you! I have 13 and the only thing keeping me from having anxiety is that some of them are vegan and very inexpensive lol!!

    Dark dune jet set
    Sapphire jet set
    Mandarin medium Selma
    Pearl grey medium Selma
    Peanut Riley
    Peanut selma messenger

    Rebecca Minkoff:
    Cobalt Regan satchel
    Grey denim Regan satchel
    Purple mini Mac

    I don't know what the style is, but it's a crossbody and has the chain that hangs over the flap. It was a grad school/bday gift from my parents

    Vegan/DSW bags:
    Moda Luxe Dandelion
    Urban expressions grey mini crossbody
    URban expressions black satchel

    I'm probably going to purchase another large urban expressions crossbody in taupe for my Vegas trip next month! It's a great brand; looks expensive but easy on the wallet!
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  12. LOL. Unfortunately, that number grew rather fast when I started buying other designers. I just recently sold 7 bags. My current collection consists of 7 MK, 7 Dooney and 5 Coach. My favorite brand being Coach but since they are priced a little higher, I have less of them.... :biggrin:
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  13. So now I have 15 I just received a RM regan crossbody in limeade and I just ordered a grape jet set tote...both brand new from eBay. I don't feel too bad. I got the regan for 50 bucks and the jet set for 175...and I've been wanting something in grape!!!
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  14. I convinced myself, that if I managed to sell almost "all" of my bags to fund a brand new LV, then I would.. and I did :P but now I want more LV bags :shocked:
    Currently what I have left are:
    2 MK bags for going out
    1 MK laptop bag
    1 Kate Spade bag
    3 Coach bags (2 I don't even use anymore and 1 new with tags)
    4 LV bags
    2 SLG LV pieces (and 3 more on their way)
    1 Vegan bag - no particular brand (still brand new with its tags.. I just loved the feel of it and that it was black with bright coloured flowers).
    I don't think that's a lot... right??:angel:
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  15. #45 Jun 28, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2017
    I have 20 (including ones I am waiting for) but this will be down to at least 18 soon. I went a bit mad this year with the Coach SAS. 20 is my limit though, and I purged many bags earlier this year to "make room" for new bags.

    On chopping block:
    RM Nikki in Wine - beautiful but too big/cavernous and heavy - also would like a larger drop. Hard to let go of, anyway!
    RM Nikki in Cloud Grey - also beautiful but also cavernous. Combined with the slouch the size makes it difficult to find things. Ditto above on drop and difficulty in letting go!
    B. Makowsky (Style Unknown - Black) - this is a beat-around bag that I don't loooove style of, but I do love the leather and do like it for, well, beating around. But I think it is time to let it go. It is purely shoulder carry and I find I like more options these days, also the interior lining is :sick: and frustrating to deal with.

    In rotation and used depending on need/purpose:
    Kate Spade Cedar Street Small Hayden (Black)
    Kate Spade Cedar Street Small Hayden (Crisp Linen)
    Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise (Black and White Floral)
    Kate Spade Kaiya (MFF - Black & Cream)
    MK Medium Mercer Duffel (Pearl Grey)
    MK Medium Mercer Duffel (Acorn)
    Cole Haan Reiley Crossbody (Black)
    Coach Rogue (Olive)
    Coach Rogue (Butterscotch)
    Coach Rogue (Prussian Blue)
    Coach Rogue Satchel (Black)
    Coach Rogue Satchel (Oxblood)
    Coach Whiplash Saddle (Mineral)
    Coach Saddle 23 (burnished Butterscotch)

    Bags I have bought/ordered but am still waiting delivery of:
    Coach Rogue 25 (Chalk)
    Coach Nomad Crossbody (Burgundy)
    Coach Nomad Crossbody (Racing Green)

    1. I do not count gym bags/overnight bags in my handbag collection.
    2. I have a handful of lightweight nylon totes/crossbodies that I don't count here (mostly Lug brand). These fit more in my travel/suitcase category for me. Though I do carry a Lug Tote to work whenever I am carrying one of my smaller bags (like one of the KS bags) to carry my lunch or whatever, so maybe it should make the above list.
    3. I also have a couple old Danier leather briefcases which I do not count in my bag collection as they are strictly for carrying files to and from my office to court and back and for whatever reason I don't view them as bags :smile:
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