How long does your new bag "high" last?

  1. So when you get a new bag and love it, decide to keep it, how long are you excited about it? Days, weeks, months or years? I think I typically stay excited for several weeks to a month and then inevitably I see something else spectacular and start thinking about that.
  2. im so picky when i buy my bags that i love them all so dearly that every time i take one out of its little duster bags i get a new high :yes:
  3. If I love a bag enough, I get excited about it at random times...even if i've had it for months!
  4. not long enough :rolleyes:
  5. I AGREE!!! :graucho:
  6. ditto that:yes:
  7. LOL - yep, same here. I am almost embarrassed by how long I am not excited. I'm like a junkie always looking for a better high.
  8. DITTO for me!!! As you can see from my Avatar...I'm never satisifed and that's no lie...I'm surprised I've been with my husband this long! (just kidding!) :p
  9. A good 7-10 weeks....hehe

    But, for me, a little part of it never goes away... I still glance adoringly at whichever gal I'm carrying that day.
  10. Maybe a couple days. :p

    But! When I find one that I havent used in a while I get all excited and go WEEEEE in a high pitched voice. =]

    I wish bag highs lasted longer.
  11. I get excited everytime I carry a bag that I have loved even when I have had it for ages. For right now I would like to be satisfied with the bags I have and just enjoy carrying them. I am seriously putting myself on a handbag ban until Christmas.
  12. I get a good HIGH just by going in the closet and looking at my husband thinks I am nuts...
  13. It lasts a while- I've been madly in love with my Whiskey Shoulder (2006) since I got it last December

    of course. I haven't used it as much as I love it- :upsidedown:
  14. I get distracted by other bags easily but when I pull out my bags and look at them, I get that high all over again because I've selected bags that truly are a reflection of me and my lifestyle!
  15. A couple of weeks, but the good part with some of my bags is those that are left in their dustbags (like my Coach signature stripe tote which has been in the dustbag ALL SUMMER LONG) I get really excited to use them again. Another one too I haven't really used much at all in the past 4 months and I'm loving it now! I'm really looking forward to carrying it tomorrow, I suppose the excitement comes back when certain bags aren't in use for some time, too.