How long do your lv wallets last?


Jul 15, 2012
New Jersey
Hi all! I was wondering how often you need to replace your lv wallets. Ive had my sarah (the older model) for about two years, and I'm beginning to notice some wear and tear on it. The parts that fold down over the front of the wallet have some little string type things sticking out, and the sealant right below the brass button closure has begun to separate a little bit.

I guess im wondering how long i can expect my wallet to last!! I am kind of lusting after a mon mono wallet....Tia for your responses!


Jun 3, 2012
I have the black multicolor Sarah for two years and I notice it's starting to chip. I don't like it but I've accepted it. I will only buy leather or regular canvas from now on. No more MC!


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May 11, 2010
Meridian, ID
I don't blame you at all for wanting a Mon Mono! I would love one as well but I would worry about it chipping being in my bag with other items. I sold my trunks and bags cles because it started chipping. As for wallet quality, my wallet is an older one that I purchased pre-loved and it's from the late 90's I believe and the quality is amazing. I just don't think the newer wallets are made as well. :sad:


Nov 15, 2012
It's such a shame to hear about what a crapshoot it is with LV quality. Sometimes you get a piece that lasts in impeccable condition, and sometimes it falls apart within 2 years. I don't own an LV wallet, so I can't put in my own commentary here on wear and tear, but I just wanted to tell you OP that I sympathize because I just took my Neverfull in for repair.


Jul 9, 2010
The Netherlands
I have used my Sarah wallet for four years (every day) and now I need to take it to Louis Vuitton to get it repaired. It needs to get reglazed and there are some loose stitches. The button turned silver instead of gold so I want them to replace it. But after four years I'm okay with that.

My Insolite wallet which was only a few months old already had some repairs done and needed to be reglazed and had some loose stitches after using it only a few times. I think that was really to soon, but they did a great repair without charging me.
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Mar 21, 2011
la la land
I also have sarah in mc, its my everyday wallet and I've had it for more than 2 years now. It still looks new and no chipping whatsoever, I love it!


Jun 5, 2014
Hi! I have an epi Sarah wallet that I've used for 5 years straight- the corners are a little worn when you look at it close up, and there's a little bit of the leather on the inside of the flap that has been scratched due to constant rubbing of one of my cards. But I'm totally fine with this, all part of wear and tear considering I've used it day in and day out for that long. All in all the epi leather still looks great and I still love it.


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Aug 24, 2010
Down Under
I have my mono insolite since 2008.. I use her a lot.. Really a lot, it was the only LV wallet i have at that time and it was a gift from my boyfriend (now hubby).. I use as a wallet or as a wristlet, i use my pochette vachetta strap.. As per today, still in a perfect condition..
I have my mon monogram zippy wallet since 2010.. As per today still look perfect, no chipping or whatever problem..
I have plenty of slg.. Use them a lot and still ok. My MC pieces since last year also still look perfect.. No problem at all..
Now i use my empriente secrete long wallet in jaipur. I use her non stop since i bought it early this year, and still look like new..
In short.. I have lots of problem with LV bags.. But not the wallet/slg.. :smile:


May 22, 2014
my insolite multicolour is 4 years old and looks horrible, it is white and letters faded and canvas is chipping.
never again will i buy multicolour.
it is very disappointing.