How I fell for LV

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  1. I often wonder how we all got into Louis Vuitton.
    For many of us it is more then getting an "it bag", it seems to be a life long friendship with a fashion house, so how did it is my story why I fell in love with Louis Vuitton and how I got my first bag...

    When I was around 12, on a visit to my grandma I met an older cousin of mine who looked really cool in my eyes. She had a Noe and as it was that time (do you remember the eighties? Lots of Lacoste with turned up collars, candy colours and hairstyles that required at least one can of hairspray a day...) wore lots and lots of gold jewellery and had the right sweater on. I just wanted to be as cool as her, but, no chance beeing a clumsy little girl in a boarding school...
    but, I didn´t forget...when I started to go to university I saved my money, did a diet of toast and butter and finally got my first LV in the old and long forgotten shop in Sloane Street in London (before they built that new one on the corner)-it was a Noe, and I still have it. After that, gift giving became very easy for people around me, and shortly after that my dad gave me one of the first agendas from LV to match my bag...a long love story began...

    So, what got you into the world of LV?
  2. wow, nice story ^^"
    My story is very short...i started liking LV when I was just about to turn 19...before that, i did not like LV at all...until...I saw my dream bag - cherry blossom satin Griote - it's just so cute O.O
    and that's when the addiction starts :smile:
  3. That was so interesting...thank you for sharing...I was a gucci girl then I came to this forum and more specific the LV section and after reading many posts I took the plunge and bought a speedy and it has been LV love ever since...I do not know anyone who even owns store in my town and most folks carry an average non designer bag
  4. I never gave LV a thought until I found this forum! Now not only do I love Lv but I have developed a passion for several other designers as well.
  5. lovely story.. thanks for sharing!!

    I was Chanel lover for many many years as my mom only loved designer was Chanel.. then my older sister got her first LV and i started going with her to LV boutiques in Europe and i was just hooked!! i started drooling over all their LE items and shoes!!! Oh those days were crazy!!
  6. What a beautiful story. I used to dislike (and not know) LV because I only saw the monogram bags and thought they were too "in your face". Then I saw a chic older co-worker with an epi noe and I discovered that LV wasn't all about the logo bags... now I even own some mono bags, but prefer LEs and epis.
  7. As for me, I feel in love with Monogramm HL carried by Caludia Schiffer when I was a teenager. That was ages ago... I am ancient-years-old now.

    As for my first LV, I bought it after I had a few drinks and walked pass the store... and ooops. I was in the store choosing my first piece. It was a Damier Speedy 25 and the purchasing have not stop since. By the way, that happened less then 3 months ago!
  8. this makes me sad... i dont have a story in particular... I just went inside gucci and lv and decided that these bags are made for me. hahahaha.

  9. Love your story...I lived the 80s, and I remember and did all those things.:supacool: I discovered LV early last year because I was looking for an orange handbag. That is when I discovered the epi mandarin line.
  10. Personally I only really fell for LV this year. Before that I never liked LV nor designer bags. I disliked them cos my cousins all have them and its always been to show off etc.

    But I really got hooked for some particular reason I have no idea however I finally realised that designer bags are great for longevity & quality and yea been hooked on LV monograms since LOL. I only wear bags to please myself and I saved up to lovingly hold & use one hehe :smile: I guess LV bags are great to look upon the past and remember days in which I carried them etc.
  11. I think I'm the "oldest" LV lover on this PB. I've loved it since I was a child in Europe and then I began working in the travel business and LV and travel go hand in was a natural combination. I couldn't fight it anymore so I gave into it.
  12. A few years ago, i had a boyfriend whose sister buy tons of LV and she was snobby and stuff.. So from then i wanted a designer bag(especially a LV) so badly.. But i start to collect LVs only this recently months..
    Like iluvdesigner_7, i have no idea why i got hook.. I just like buying them and looking at them.. :P
  13. xfelicia ^^^ LOL! I must admit I like looking at them 2 hehe

    Damierlover you must have some beautiful Vintage luggage pieces & bags. Vintage luggages are so valuable now and sell very well on ebay & a collectable that will only got up in price. Shame bags arent same :smile:
  14. at first i didnt like LV at all , i used to see the mono and go like this :sick: ..later on, i saw my friend's mono papilon and went mad, bought it few days later ( i was 17) ... days went by and my love for LV been increasing
  15. great story!
    i bought my first lv june 2006, it was an perfo wallet. My love for lv started a bit before then probably when jessica simpson started her reality show. Also before then my friend from uni had lv and all kinds of neat designer bags such as bulga etc and it made me want it even more! at first i didn't really feel the price was worth it (after seeing so many fakes around...) but finally i came around b/c my friend knows about lv and told me it dosen't matter about the fakes out there, as long as you have the real thing and you know and love it!