How "hard to get" do we think the miroir pouchettes are?

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  1. I ordered one in each color and I"m going today to pick them up....but I"m not sure I want both and I'm wondering what will happen if I take them anyway and later on decide to sell on ebay. I know the speedy is going for over the retail by a lot but what do you think the secondary market for the pouchettes will be?

    I thought the Groom line was going to be super exclusive and when it first hit I snapped up several pieces to give as people who ended up getting them for themselves!
  2. I've been told by several SA's that the pochettes will be quite easy to get a hold of because there were a bunch made. As of yesterday, the South Coast Plaza store had several pochettes sitting around the store on display...
  3. dido, i just pick up gold and silver pochette by just walk in the store! I seriously thought the wait list is mile long, but i guess it only apply to speedy and pap?
  4. the miroir is much more exclusive than the groom line.
    the pochette are not that hyped like the speedy but will get sold out fast.
  5. I dont think its hard.. go to LV boutique im sure ull score one :smile:
  6. It should be easier than the other bags... just how like the cerises pochettes are still available at some stores.
  7. what about the papillon though???
    Or is it the speedys that are the only thing limited????
  8. there were a few miroir pochettes available for purchase at the louis vuitton in century city. it didn't seem like there was a big demand for the pochettes.
  9. Interesting... Maybe I need to call my store and see if I can still get the gold pouchette!:nuts:
  10. From what many have said, it seems the pochettes are readily available to purchase at several stores and not as high in demand.
  11. Yeah - I've been saying it for some time that every SA I talked to agreed that the Speedy's are extremely limited but the other items such as the Pochettes, are not. Even the Papillons are being made in a larger quantity than say, the Speedy, but not as much as the Pochette.

    Hope that helps :yes:
  12. well i dont know...i was at Bloor store in Toronto and they don't have any available:sad: they did tell me that i am more likely to get a pochette than any other item, but i am still waiting for them to call me
  13. i don't think they are that hard to get..people don't really care for small pochettes unless they are collectors...u know, it's not really practical and not as pretty as the speedy or papillon :smile:
  14. I have to disagree--all three are equally beautiful, but yes, they are definitely not as popular mainly because a lot of women like big bags...well, that's the impression that I get from watching ladies around the city I live in...the sizes of the bags they carry are sometimes ridiculously big and I just don't understand how a person can carry SO MUCH out with her!

    I personally don't think that you will have an easy time selling the pochette on eBay, at least not for now...
  15. I'm sorry I know theres like 100 threads on this, but I know the prices changed before release, whats the retail on the pochette?