How far in advance do you plan your travels?

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  1. I usually start planning only 3 months (especially if its a solo trip), maybe 4 months away and solidify the big things like flight & accommodation rather quickly after ...but I feel like that might still be a bit last minute. From looking on Air BnB, it seems many places are booked up to a year in advance. So it has me wondering, what are the norms?
  2. I book 4-6months in advance, though I'm planning and researching the moment I decide to go somewhere, usually a year in advance.
  3. we find a destination and book everything about 2 months before. i prefer to depart soon after i book, and it's less stressful than thinking/planning for months on end. recently, iceland was an exception for us... we had no clothes for there and needed some time to get stuff together, so we booked that trip 6 months before leaving. i guess it can vary based on where you want to go? some places do require slightly more planning/booking time.
  4. Depends on type of trip.
    I've planned/booked domestic travel, about 1 month in advance.
    But take bit longer for international travel.
    And even longer for other side of the globe travel.
    Depending upon if doing plans/work alone, or a tour/company is helping.
    And what sort of wardrobe items need to find before go.

    I do check how fares change, for different booking times.
    And go cheaper/earlier, as needed.

    4-6 months seems nice range, as general estimate.
  5. It depends. Some trips need advance booking(river cruise to get the best price for the cabin we want). Others are just a month ahead if it's a flight for some quick trip or when we drive.

    A few years ago I'd had a terrible winter--arthroscopic knee surgery, pneumonia, etc. and my doctor actually wrote down on his Rx pad "vacation". That afternoon dh and I were at AAA booking trip to Hawaii to leave within a couple weeks. Our choices were limited but it felt really good to leave Chicago winter for Kauai.
  6. My husband plans everything like 8-10 months in advance because he needs to plan his busyness in the office. Besides, I'm the only one in the family who needs a visa to go anywhere.
  7. This is a good point. We need enough time for a visa, if required, and also sometimes vaccinations are recommended.

    For big trips I allow at least 6 months.
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    330 days out to get the business class seats using miles. K, not that exact for every trip...but typically 10-12 months out.

    Right now I'm planning March 2017. Christmas 2016 was booked in February. I also have a cruise booked for June 2017, that was booked 4 months ago.
  9. we often take vacations with family who live in other parts of the country so it takes months to pull it all together. Sometimes at least 6 months. for short trips just the 2 of us, a couple months inside the USA
  10. I typically plan cruises a year or more in advance. If I am travelling international I have booked hotels as far as a 9 months in advance, but booked flights 3 months to 7 months in advance after watching price trends. I have booked domestic trips (if flying) 3 weeks to a 1 month in advance. In short, it depends.
  11. Bookings are usually 3-4 months in advanced but sometimes as little as 1 week before. We always make sure that our bookings/deposits for hotels and airfare are refundable or transferable to another date. Which means we don't always get the greatest deals. Dh's work can be erratic. We had to cancelled or delay our vacations due to work many times in the past and learned to go with the flow. Kids are amazing at being understanding.
  12. For big trips we book almost a year out because we do business or first class using miles. I own my own business and have to block out time in advance as well. This year we spent New Years Day planning the year's travel and it was fun-we may make it a tradition.
    I still do domestic or shorter trips more spur of the moment if I have some free time or an event.
  13. About six months. I book hotels and flights but will pay extra to make sure the flights are refundable. We started planning our next ski trip last night actually.

    If it's a significant trip involving others I book everything as soon as I have confirmed dates. We are very fussy about seat selection and hotel rooms.
  14. Nine to Six months. I do group traveling with classmates so its a package deal but we want to make sure everyone has enough time to get documents and payments taken care of in a reasonable time.
  15. Depends on where I'm going. Nearby destinations can be as little as 2 weeks. Weekend getaways can even be 3 days. Big vacations across the world is 3 months.